Friday Five, vol. 1

Friday Five, vol. 1

Okey doke, kids. This’ll be fun. Every Friday, I’ll take 5 minutes and do a quick take of 5 fun/interesting/mundane things that happened over the previous week. Most of these will come from Instagram. If you want to join in the fun, follow me @bethwilliby.

So, here goes!

1. Our kids swim for our neighborhood team over the summer and we had our mock meet Monday night. With four kids on the team, I have to get as tatted-up as the kids just to remember who is swimming when. Go Dolphins!

2. Greg did a great job building and staining new legs for a table we had ordered. Long story short, we had ended up with a tabletop, no legs, and a huge headache. But thanks to a helpful neighbor, we now have expertly cut legs and a table in our kids’ workroom. (More on that to come.) Woohoo!!

3. I hit my 5% weight loss on Weight Watchers this week! I don’t want to brag, but it has only taken me 14 weeks to lose about 9 lbs. At this rate, I should be at my goal weight by the time I’m 45.

4. Spring evenings in NE Florida are absolutely gorgeous and one of my favorite parts of living here. Going for walks with my girls after dinner make them even more perfect.

5. I have some serious rosacea and this stuff has been my saving grace. I bought this tube 3.5 months ago and just did run out on Wednesday. God bless these beautiful people and their magic potion that covers up my redness and acne. (Just my opinions. I get nothing from the IT company except better looking skin.)

Ok! That’s it! Have a great weekend, everyone, and be blessed to be a blessing to others!!

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