Traveling as a Couple: Escaping Reality and Refocusing on YOU {part 3}

Traveling as a Couple: Escaping Reality and Refocusing on YOU {part 3}

Wow!  Part 3 in our travel series!!

Thanks for sticking it out with me!  We talked about WHY traveling together is important in part 1.  We talked about HOW to get ready for the trip in part 2.  Take a look back and refresh your memory if you need to.  It’s OK.

And now, in part 3, we’ll talk about WHAT it really looks like when you refocus on YOU as a couple.

Seriously, this is my favorite part.  It’s the fun part!  The part you have worked so hard to get to!  You’re finally on your own and the little ankle-biters and pubescents are safely tucked away with a caretaker/babysitter.  Now’s your chance to really look at this partner in your life, this person you love so much, and remember who he is.  Not only that, but you get to remember (rediscover?) who you are when you are with him.  It’s so exciting!  And, I kid you not, time and again I am surprised when I start to feel that little heart-flutter sneak back in.  When I realize for the millionth time that I am still in love with the boy who stole my heart years ago, and that I’m totally head over heels for the man he has become.

So, how do we do it?

In our years of traveling together, Greg and I have sort of organically grown into doing some certain things when we travel together.  So, here’s a little of what we look forward to…

Get dressed up for dinner. Revel in the fact that the only person whose food you will cut up is your own and that nobody will be in the bathroom stall with you.  And not every meal needs to be fancy, but going places you would avoid taking the kids is super fun.

Look for free or discounted things to do wherever you are.  When we were in New York, we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, but that was kind of expensive.  You know what wasn’t?  Round trip tickets on the Staten Island Ferry.  We sat on the side of the boat where we could get a good view of Lady Liberty and had a great time people watching, too.  (Lord have mercy, if I could only be that skinny again…)

Eat late and have a couple cocktails.  Dinner doesn’t actually have to be eaten by 6:00 pm, guys!!  And it’s amazing the conversations you can have over a 4 course meal and drinks.

Hold your husband’s hand as you walk through a park (and not your 4 year-old’s).  Walking not your thing?  Go for a run together.  Maybe rent a kayak or a canoe and see the world from the water.  How about sharing a hammock or a beach towel and watching the world go by?  Whatever floats your boat.

Explore a city you don’t know.  This is where we really have a good time.  Try new restaurants or find fun little shops.  Have an idea in your head of what you think you’d like to do and then ask the locals where you should do it.  We have found the best pubs, breakfast spots, parks…everything!…just by sweet-talking the hotel lobby workers, the cab drivers, and so on.

A little up close and personal…

General disclaimer:  I know a lot of people think romantic vacation must equal beach vacation.  Not true!!  Since we live where it’s crazy hot 9 months out of the year, a lot of our vacations are to places that are a little bit cooler.

Feel the heat.  Cozy up in front of a fire.  Borrow his coat when yours isn’t keeping you warm enough.  Hold hands inside his jacket pocket.

Sleep late together (or, you know…do whatever) in the morning.  Knowing that neither of you has to be up monitoring cartoons or pouring chocolate milk makes it that much sweeter.

Flirt with each other. This one I really love.  And once you’ve been together for a long time, you know what gets the other person going.  So let loose and have fun with it!

Kiss in the elevator.  Or in a hallway at the hotel.  Maybe on the beach.  Under a tree.  Waiting for a cab on the sidewalk.  Really, take any chance you get and do it with feeling, man!  It’s the best.

Really talk to each other and look in each other’s eyes when you do so.  Seriously, the only people in the world who matter when you’re on these trips is the other person.  So give them your complete attention.

If you forget the rest, here’s your takeaway…

Remember that the two of you come first.  Kids, houses, jobs, school…it’s all secondary.  YOU are the foundation that everything else is built upon.

Reacquaint yourself with the person with whom you share your life.  Life moves so fast.  Give yourselves the chance to slow down and like the other person again.

Remind each other, just by being together, not only why you fell in love in the first place, but what keeps you in love now.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little “travel tutorial.”  I’d love to hear whatever suggestions, questions, or comments you have!  What has and hasn’t worked for you?  Has this inspired you in any way?  Tell me!

Until next time,

Bon Voyage!

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