Friday Five, vol. 5

Friday Five, vol. 5

It’s that time again!  Time for a glimpse into our crazy family for a roundup of some Instagram-ness from the last week.  It was dance-recital-palooza last weekend, so I really could’ve posted about a hundred pictures from that, but I’ll spare you.  Here goes!


#1 – The one picture I’ll post from dance recital last Saturday.  Leah, our 9 year-old, super big puffy pink heart LOVES to dance.  She was lucky enough to be on the junior performance team for her studio this year and had a ball.  This was their Jazz number and she even had a little solo in it.  I love this picture because you can really see her sassy attitude and her sweet smile.  Totally her.

#2 –  Anybody want French toast?  I made this earlier in the week for breakfast (thank you Publix and your lovely BOGOs on cinnamon bread).  What killed me was then I posted the picture on the FB page for this blog and people went bananas!  Who knew breakfast breads were such a hot topic?!  But hey, if it’s that popular, maybe I could do a how-to video or something…. The wheels, they are a-turning.

#3 –  This was a rough week for our Lucy-girl.  You’d never know it today, though.  She’s such a trooper.  On Monday, she had to go to the eye doctor for yet another check on her asympto-somethingorother amblyopia (basically, one eye sees just fine and the other one doesn’t see for crap) and she had to get her eyes dilated.  She HATES getting her eyes dilated.  Then on Tuesday, she had to go to the dentist and get two cavities filled.  Thank goodness for mango smoothies and tylenol.

#4 – A new position I’m going to be moving into this summer is volunteering more with our parish’s youth group, Chosen.  We have a fabulous youth minister named Laura and the group of kids is way cool.  To be very honest, teenagers intimidated the heck out of me until I had my own.  These lovely young people are doing a lot to convince me that I had nothing to be afraid of.  We tried to take them tubing on Thursday, but Mother Nature decided to rain on our parade.  Oh well!  We’ll try again next month.

#5 – This goober behind the 9 of diamonds makes me laugh harder than should be legal.  He’s such a fantastic kid.  The very definition of 12 year-old boy, he aggravates me and inspires me in equal measure.  And he beat the heck out of me in multiple games of 31.

So that’s it for this week!  Looking forward to a swim meet, date night, VBS for the girls, and even a Girls’ Night Out with some fabulous ladies from the swim team board in the coming week.

Enjoy the weekend and follow me on IG @ bethwilliby.

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