Of Bandaids and Boo-boos

I don’t know about you, but 4th of July weekend always seems to keep me hopping with the first aid kit.  From sunburns to scraped knees, bug bites to sparkler burns, my kids are constantly looking to me to patch up their hurts and kiss their boo-boos.  It dawned on me today just how lucky I am that I can fix these things for them!

For some parents,though, life isn’t so easy.  The ouchies their kids have can’t be fixed with a Doc McStuffins bandaid and a kiss.  No, their troubles are more than skin deep.  And as my own kids get bigger, I can see the transition happening.  They need less first aid for their physical selves and more for their emotional selves.

Again, I don’t know about you…  But while I feel I have a good handle on the physical first aid, I need a little assistance with the spiritual side of things.


A prayer for when our kids are hurting

Dear Lord, I know that someday the magical box of Bandaids and Neosporin won’t cure the hurts that my children bring to me. I know that lotion won’t make things sting less, and that an ice pack or a Popsicle won’t cool what’s been bruised. 

Someday, it will be a cut to their very heart that they’ll bring to me. Someone will have wounded their feelings, their self-esteem, their image of themselves. Yes, that someone may even be me. No bandage will cover that cut. Only Your love poured out from my mother’s heart will begin to make it better. Please always give me the words they need to begin healing. Words that will show them how precious they are in Your eyes.

And when they are stung or burned by disappointment, when those they trust have let them down, let them find balm in my presence.  Remind me that, sometimes, listening is even better than speaking.  Likewise, please give them the courage to talk to me about anything at all, knowing that I love them more than words could ever say.  Please help them know that their trust in me and in You need never be shaken.

Finally, Lord, when they come to me with their bruised shins, stubbed toes, and bumped lips, ice packs and Popsicles save the day.  But when their egos are bruised or they’ve stumbled on their path in life, help me to always give encouragement and steer them back in the right direction.  Your way isn’t always clear or easy, but we know it to be the true way.  Please give them the grace and the strength to follow where You lead.

Thank you for always guiding me as a mother.  Help me always, especially when my children are hurting, to shine Your light intp their lives.



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