A Prayer for Our Children’s Teachers

A Prayer for Our Children’s Teachers

It’s that magical time of year again. Shopping carts are filled with endless reams of paper, composition books, glue sticks, and pencils. Big yellow buses are cruising the neighborhood during this season when sneakers are still clean and backpack zippers actually work.

Once again, we send our kiddos out into the great wide world to learn and grow. We’ve spent the summer strengthening their spiritual and familial roots and having all manner of togetherness and now it’s time to let them stretch their wings. Along with the growing and stretching our kids will face, we moms have to stretch a bit, too. We are given a chance to trust in God and share the responsibility of shaping the minds and hearts of our greatest treasures with people we may or may not know personally.

Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it? Even for us “experienced” mamas (those of us who’ve boarded the bus a time or two, you might say), new school years bring new challenges. And entrusting our children to veritable strangers isn’t the least on the list.

New adults in their lives

Classroom teachers, catechists, librarians, coaches, music directors, dance teachers, and scout leaders. School administrators, cafeteria workers, nurses, crossing guards, and maintenance staff. Day care providers, extended day teachers, and club moderators. These are just some of the people our children will interact with during their school year. Some of them we select, but many are already part of their school community.

How can we best support the men and women who dedicate so much of their time and talents to our precious children?

The answer is, fellow mamas, we pray.



I am delighted to be found writing today over at Blessed Is She.  Please follow this link to read the rest of the article on their blog.  And, if you are so inclined, sign up for their daily devotional here.  It’s delivered to my inbox every morning and reading it is always a wonderful start to my day.  Enjoy!!



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