Lenten Photo Journal 2018: Week 1

Lenten Photo Journal 2018: Week 1

And just like that, it’s Lent again.  Journey with me as I follow along with Catholic Sistas and their annual Lenten Photo Journey (click the link if you’d like to play along, too)!  I’ll be posting my entries here on the blog every Friday, so if you’d like to make sure you get the posts, look over at the right side of your screen sign up to receive posts directly into your inbox!  Or, click the link to follow me over on Instagram and get these posts in real time.


Since this is the first week of Lent, we’ve only got two entries, so this one should be a quickie.  Here goes!

Ash Wednesday – #ashtag

Just getting to Mass tonight was a penance.  Having the youngest come home from school with a 101-degree fever (that quickly jumped to 103) made it so that we couldn’t attend Mass as a family as we had planned.  Greg had agreed to come home from work early to stay with the sickie since Kid #2 had to altar serve and I was supposed to cantor.  Well, he got stuck in traffic.  Which meant that we couldn’t leave the house on time and didn’t even get to the church until 10 minutes after Mass had started.  Which meant that Kid 2 couldn’t altar serve and I was no longer the cantor.  We persevered, though, and managed worship together and receive our ashes.  However, I’d just like to say that if this is how ALL of Lent is going to be, I am officially scared.

These boys, though?  These handsome young men, these sons of mine?  They are such a huge blessing to their mom.  And through all the craziness of the evening, I got just a glimpse of the support and encouragement they will be to me as they get older and grow into men.

Day 2 – #discern

I never was one who felt I had to really discern my vocation.  I knew from the time I was little that I wanted to be a wife and a mom when I grew up.  And it seems as if God agreed with my plan, seeing as I met Greg and I was 18 and married him at just shy of my 22nd birthday.

God didn’t let me completely off the hook, though.  It seems like the life of a mom is one opportunity for discernment after another!  What is best for my family right now?  Who needs my love and attention the most today?  How can I best fulfill my vocation in our current situation?

I don’t always get it right.  Many times, I fail completely.  But choosing to try again each and every day?  That is the way to become the wife and mother I know I am meant to be.


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