Lenten Photo Journal 2018: Week 4

Lenten Photo Journal 2018: Week 4

I’d just like to state for the record that, even though I’ve been sick as a dog this week, I only missed one day of the photo journal.  Not too shabby!

What do you say we get right to it?

Friday of Week 4 – #STEWARD

Part of the way I care for my family is by doing pretty much all of the grocery shopping and 98.637% of the cooking.  And doing so for 2 adults, 2 teenage boys who eat like adults, and 2 growing girls is not cheap!  But by watching our budget, shopping the sales, and doing menu planning, I feel like I can be a good steward of the gifts our family has been given and the resources we’ve worked for.

Saturday of Week 4 – #MERCIFUL

What joy today!!  My newest goddaughter was baptized in our historic church this morning.  What an honor it is to be asked to be someone’s godmother, an honor and a privilege that I can only pray to lice up to.  And how precious is the mercy God pours on us in the waters of baptism?  Those mercies just shine in the eyes of a sweet baby girl and linger in the smell of the chrism oil on her precious head.  God bless you, MLD.  I love you!

Sunday of Week 4 – #TRUTH

My kids now know that when we are coming home from Mass and they’ve made one too many disgusting noises in the car, I WILL PULL THE CAR OVER AND MAKE THEM RUN THE REST OF THE WAY HOME.  I won’t be “just kidding” when I say it.  Honestly, they ought to know by now that this mama doesn’t threaten.  She promises. #truth

Monday of Week 4 – #CLEANSE

Yep.  Missed this one because I was sick.  Oops.

Tuesday of Week 4 – #TEACH

Fine, I’ll admit it.  I’m sick.  Congestion, cough, aches, fever.  The whole bit.  And here’s my question…WHAT IS THIS FRESH HELL?

I don’t remember the last time I was actually sick.  Someone needs to teach me how to do this.  How to turn off mom mode and turn on take care of yourself mode.  Easier said than done, man.

So, for now, while the kids are at school I will rest.  And eat some Campbell’s chicken noodle soup like I did when I was a kid.  It’s the best I can do.

Wednesday of Week 4 – #LISTEN

My Bible was bought for a Theology class in college in, oh, probably 1997.  it was so pretty and white and crisp back then.  After 21 years, though, it’s torn and wrinkled and a bit softer around the edges (kind of like me!).

I’ll be honest and tell you that for a very long time it remained untouched and sitting in a place of honor on a shelf.  Always within reach, but never grasped.  Always filled with the Word, but seldom heard.

In the past few years, though, it’s come off the shelf.  It’s been in many less-honorable places, too.  Like my purse, the floor of my minivan, the kitchen counter, and so on.  It’s been written in, bookmarked, and dog-eared.  And you know what?  I like it better this way.

Lord, remind me to always turn to you Word.  Remind me to listen with my heart when my ears won’t hear.  Amen.

Thursday of Week 4 – #LOVE

I love the azaleas that are blooming all around town now.  I snapped these at church yesterday evening.  Isn’t it awesome how the two bushes, purple and white, are growing right next to each other?  The purple of Lent and the white hope of Easter growing right alongside each other.

The love of our Creator is so evident in the spring when all things are new and growing and bursting with color.  He can make us new, too, you know.  I kind of count on it, if we’re being honest.

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