Lenten Photo Journal 2018: Week 6

Lenten Photo Journal 2018: Week 6

Well, this has been a very Lent-y week, friends.  Highs and lows, lots of fun and lots of trials.  Our oldest went on a band trip to New Orleans and the younger ones spent the night at their grandma’s.  I participated in the Florida Eucharistic Congress.  The youngest kiddo had strep throat and turned 7 all at the same time.  And I had to completely rearrange my work schedule.  It’s been bananas!

Through all the craziness, though, God remains faithful.  He helps me find something beautiful in every day.  And I feel privileged to share just a little of that with you.

Friday of Week 6: #BELIEVE

“Ultimately, she (the bleeding woman in Mark 5) is each one of us – reaching out to the Lord, begging to be healed, believing and fearing all at once.”

These words in today’s Blessed is She journal entry by Laura Fanucci just went straight to my heart.  See, there’s something I’ve been begging the Lord for.  Not a healing, but a hoping.  Longing for opportunity, not believing myself worthy or able, fearing both that it will happen AND that it won’t.

How difficult it is to leave that fear behind and to truly believe that God’s will is the best will.  That whatever happens is what is meant to be.  But how rewarding all at the same time!

Saturday of Week 6: #CHILDREN

My babies…when they were a bit more babyish.  Every time one of my kiddos has a birthday, I start feeling terribly nostalgic for when they were smaller.  My littlest bit will turn 7 this week.  That’s so hard to wrap my brain around.  I mean, I really remember my own 7th birthday!  It’s the “age of reason” and when most of your childhood memories really start sticking in your mind.  Unbelievable that all four will hve hit and passed that mark!

These children are my heart and soul.  And I am so honored to be their mother.

Monday of Week 6: #SPOUSEOFMARY

If you aren’t following Kristyn Brown on Instagram, you totally should!  Her unique take on photography really brings the saints to life.  Like this picture of the Holy Family…how gorgeous is this?!  Happy Feast of St. Joseph, friends!

Tuesday of Week 6: #FAITHFUL

There is a BUNCH of years of marriage in this picture.  My mom’s parents (top left) were married for 50 years when my grandpa died.  My dad’s parents (top right) were married for 57 years when we lost my grandad.  My parents (bottom) were married had their 42nd anniversary at Christmas.  Faithfulness, love, persistence, strength.  I’m so thankful for the legacy they’ve provided.  And I couldn’t be happier that they’re mine.

Wednesday of Week 6: #RESCUER

We’re gonna ride the #waybackwednesday train to four years ago for one of my very favorite photos of my most favorite human.  This guy right here is my hero, my love, my biggest encourager.  He saves me from myself more often than I’d care to admit.  Mi knight in shining armor, my engineer in cuffed-sleeve button-downs…my husband, my rescuer.

Thursday of Week 6: #RETURN

I want my children to always know, no matter how old they get, that my house is still their house.  I want them to walk in without knocking, put their feet up on the coffee table, dig through the fridge, open the cabinets, use the regular towels instead of the fancy ones, and sleep in their own rooms.  It doesn’t matter how far they’ve traveled or how long they’ve been gone.  When they return home, I want them to know that love lives here.  And it’s been waiting for them all along.

I guess that’s how God feels about us, don’t ya think?

Heading into Holy Week!

Friends, we are almost there!  In just three days, we’ll experience the joy and solemness of Palm Sunday.  And after that, the week of Christ’s Passion.  The next time I will update the blog with the rest of the photo journal pictures will be on Holy Saturday, March 31.  I pray that this Lent has been and will continue to be fruitful for you.  For me, it hasn’t been what I expected…far from it!…but it’s been good all the same.

Have a blessed Holy Week, friends!

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