Trendsend Review #2 — Denim for Days!

Trendsend Review #2 — Denim for Days!

Well, friends, it’s that time again!  The lovely white Trendsend box has arrived at my door and my amazing husband got to work out his inner fashion photographer.  I got to try on some really cool clothes and you all now get to see them!

Just for fun, I’m not going to tell you what I kept from the box until the very end.  So, play along and see if you can guess!

For a quick reminder of how this whole Trendsend system works, you can click here.

Now, let’s play dress up!

The Pieces

This box, overall, suited me much better than my first box did.  Let’s just say that if funds weren’t an issue, I probably would’ve kept 4, maybe 5, of the things they sent me.  Alas and alack, though, my kids need clothes, too, so I only kept three of the eight items they shipped.  Which ones do you think made the cut?

Dress – Romi Utility Dress by Allison Joy (Evereve) || Shoes – Franco Sarto (DSW from 2 years ago)

I really liked the idea of this dress.  Liked the color, the uneven hem, the “utility/military” look of it.  It’s different from what I usually wear, but not too far out there.  But.  I felt like it made me look rather thick in the middle.  The tie at the waist seem to accentuate that I really don’t have much of a waist to speak of.  Notice the “I’m not so sure about this” look in the first picture.  And the “I’m smiling because you’re making me, but check out my pooch” look in the send.  While I do actually kind of like the third picture, I’m not loving this dress would seem to require both an iron  and a pair of Spanx (thanks to the slight gaping between the buttons at hip level).

Now, one kid said I looked like grown up Dora the Explorer and another asked if I was ready to head into the jungle with Jane Goodall.  So, what’s your call on this one?  Yea or Nay?

Cardigan – Charlie Open Cardi by Allison Joy (Evereve) || Top – Kennedy Varsity Tee by Peyton Jensen (Evereve) || Pants – Brooklyn Sateen Cargo by Level 99 (Evereve) || Shoes – Dr. Scholl’s Madison sneakers

Couple things.  A) It’s the end of April in Florida.  I don’t need another cardigan sweater.  B) The pants make my legs look like blush-pink stuffed sausages.  I am not ok with that.  Also, they were $125, so nix.  C)  The top was adorable and fit great!  The trim on the sleeves was just a tad tight, so it wouldn’t be comfortable to wear to work, say, or anywhere I’d need a freer range of motion.  But it would be adorable for date night.

So, great outfit in theory, right?  But what is your guess?

Jacket – Amelia Denim Jacket by Kut from the Kloth (Evereve) || Dress – Anthropologie from a few years ago

“Sweet dreams are made of this” amiright?!  It’s the denim jacket trifecta friends.  Great color? Check.  Excellent stretch/give? Check. Sleeves that are long enough for my monkey arms? Check!  Lightweight so I won’t die if I wear it in Florida? Checkity check check check!

OK, I realize that was 4 things.  But what is that? A quad-fecta?  Anyway…

Loved it.  Would marry it if I could.  Asked for it for Mother’s Day.

Top – Kendall Modal Scoop Tank by Allison Joy (Evereve) || Wrap – Tassel Kimono by Lovestitch (Evereve) || Jeans – Catherine Boyfriend by Kut from the Kloth (Evereve) || Sandals – SO (Kohl’s)

I may or may not have already been looking for a kimono to wear when we go on our cruise next month.  Something that I could throw over my shoulders if I’m wearing a strapless dress or with a bathing suit by the pool.  I also may or may not always be on the lookout for the perfect white tank.  Furthermore, distressed boyfriend jeans may or may not be my favorite style of jeans.  Do I love the style of this kimono?  Absolutely.  Is this the perfect white tank?  Not really (the modal material tends to accentuate too many lumps and bums and is more see-through than I’d like).  And do these jeans hug my curves in the best ways possible?  Well, here’s some more pictures to help you decide…

Alrighty, folks!  Make your guesses, because the answer is coming in 3…..2……1…….

What did I keep?

I absolutely kept the kimono and the jeans.  And a little birdie (ahem…thanks, Greg!) tells me that the jacket may just be wrapped up for me on Mother’s Day.  Fantastic photographer and generous gift-giver…am I lucky or what?

Now, how do you get in on the fun?

It’s super easy!!  Just click this link right here to get your own Trendsend box shipped right to you.  It’s totally free, you guys!  You’ll fill out a style profile, decide how frequently you want to be shipped a box (I get mine once a season, so every 3 months), and they’ll get one in the mail to you, pronto!  You then have 5 days to try things on, and decide what you want to keep before you go back online to check out.  Then you throw what you don’t want into their pre-paid return envelope and drop it off at the old USPS.

Bonus for me, though, is that if you order a box and then subsequently make a purchase, I get 20% off my next order if you use the link I provided.  (Thanks for letting me get that disclaimer off my chest.)

So there you have it!  Two boxes down and I’m totally a Trendsend devotee.  Can’t wait to see what they send me in July!

FYI — This post is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form.  I pay for my stuff with my own cash money.

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