Trendsend Review #4 – In which I almost die of heat stroke

Trendsend Review #4 – In which I almost die of heat stroke

You know what’s super duper fun?  I’ll tell you.  Trying on fall clothes in October in Florida when it’s about 89 degrees with 251% humidity outside.  That’s what!

Ladies, the heat stroke was real.  And so was the insane amount of powder I had to apply to my face when I would come inside to change my clothes!  But my amazing husband/photographer made the photo shoot easy breezy.  And I will tell you this: If you ever feel not-pretty, just have someone who really loves you take your picture.  You will smile differently and your whole look will change.  Ask me how I know.

A little backstory before we begin… I wasn’t supposed to get another box until early November, but I am going to be taking a trip out of town with some super special ladies to a destination where there is actually fall and I wanted to squeeze a box in before I left.  It was super easy!  I just went to my Trendsend account and changed my preference from every three months to every two months.  I’ll probably leave it that way for now so I can have a box before Christmas, but I can change it whenever I want.  Super convenient, right?

Now, let’s play dress up, shall we?!

Pants – Outfitter Jogger by Willow and clay (Evereve) || Jacket (from a previous order) – Amelia denim jacket by Kut from the kloth (Evereve) || Tank – super old (Lands End)

These pants stressed me out.  They were super comfy and fit totally great, but they stressed me out.  Now, gee Beth, why in the world would you be stressed out by a simple pair of pants?  Because I had no idea what to pair them with!!  I stood in my close for a good 5-10 minutes and tried three different shirts on before I came up with this earth-shattering combination.  And listen, I just don’t have room for that kind of pressure in my life.

What I learned from this, though, is that joggers don’t actually look stupid on me.  I need some new t-shirts and some clue as to what shoes to wear with them, but if I can figure that out, then game on.  For now, though, these are being returned.

Jeans – Diana by Kut from the kloth (Evereve) || Top blouse – Lila Smocked Top by Allison Joy (Evereve) || Bottom blouse – Gretta Floral Wrap Top by Allison Joy (Evereve)

When I opened my box, these three pieces were wrapped up together as a day-to-evening combo.  I think I figured it out right.

The daytime look on the bottom is great!  I loved the top so much that I bought it when they sent it to me in my last order.  (Remember?)  And I might have shelled out the money for this one, but I ended up not being a huge fan of the print.

The blouse they sent for nighttime looks OK, but I was not a fan of the smocking around the bottom and how there was just so much fabric everywhere else.

As for the jeans?  Oh man.  These were hard to send back.  They fit great, the length was good, and they were somewhere between a skinny and a jegging.  In fact, they were pretty perfect save one little thing.  Can we say camel toe?  Yep.  ‘Nuff said.

Three strikes and these were all out.

Kimono (Evereve, no longer listed) || Tank – Parker Tunic Tank by Peyton Jensen (Evereve)

We have a winner!  Actually, we have two!

That kimono is absolutely gorgeous in person and the colors are amazing.  Not to mention that it was only $24.99…which, now that I think about it, is probably why I can’t find it on their website anymore.  In the summer, I can wear it layered over a tank or tee or, shoot, even a bathing suit!  And in the fall/winter, I can wear it layered over a long-sleeved solid color tee.  Perfect for this season in Florida!

The tank is awesome.  The fit is great (meaning, for me, that the armholes aren’t too gigantic).  Love the moderately low v-neck and that the length is great for wearing with either skinnies or leggings.  All the business is covered!

In Summary…

A) I was sent 6 pieces and kept 2 of them.  B) I find it hilarious that I was looking for fall clothes, but bought a tank top and a short-sleeve kimono.  I am nothing if not contrary.  C) Since some lovely reader here used my referral link when they made their own order, that gave me 20% off my own order, which was even better!  I got both the tank and the kimono for under $50.  D) I really loved how the stylist put this box together and I hope “Carolyn Z” will be around to do my next box, too.

If you’d like to give Trendsend a try for yourself, you totally should!  It is of absolutely no cost to you unless you decide to keep anything they send you.  No styling fee and everything is always in fashion…even if you don’t think you are.

As always, none of the direct links to any of the pieces are affiliate links.  I just link it up so it will be easier for you to find.  Any link to Trendsend itself is my personal referral link.  Should you make a purchase using that link, then I get 20% off my next purchase.  That’s it!

Happy shopping friends!

Now, where can I find some joggers and what shoes should I wear with them…?

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  • You absolutely Rocked ALL of these looks! Those Joggers on you and the way you styled them are everything! I loved styling your latest TRENDSEND Box and I’m excited to shop for your next one too. Choose me as your “preferred stylist” and feel free to let me know if there are certain items you would like to try from and add them to the WISHLIST. Also, don’t hesitate to send me an On Demand message if you’re looking for outfits for specific events etc. I’m looking forward to getting to know your style preferences better with each box! Enjoy~

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