Oops! Pardon me, but my Grinch is showing.

Oops! Pardon me, but my Grinch is showing.

So, heyyyyyyy…it’s still November, yes?

I thought so.

And, yeah, I get it that I only have about 4 more days to stand on that particular leg of my argument.  But hear me out, OK?


Well!  I feel better now, don’t you?

Yes, friends, it’s pretty common nowadays for people to decorate for Christmas as soon as they’ve burped their last Thanksgiving burp.  They’ve got the long weekend and all and it just works out and that’s fiiiiiine.

But here’s the thing.  Thanksgiving was early this year.  Like, as early as it can ever possibly be.  Christmas, however, will come right on time on December 25, just like it does every year.  Which means…. the time between the two is actually the longest it can possibly be!

Oh, the decorating and shopping and culinary humanity!

Now, sure.  Some people might look at this and think, Fantastic!  This gives me more time to enjoy the festivities!  I can take my time shopping.  There’s more time for parties and all of the super festive fun stuff!  And the radio stations have to start playing Christmas music now!  Yippy Skippy!!

Well, goody.  I’ll just be over here trying to hold space for Advent, OK?

Guys, for real, though.  We have just ceremoniously skipped right from the Great Pumpkin to Tom Turkey to Santa.  What about the purple candles and the O Come, O Come Emmanuel and the waiting in joyful hope?  Why do we have to skip the preparation before diving headlong into the celebration?

Trust me.  I hear you.  I hear that this has been an awfully rough year for a whole lot of people.  And far be it from me to tell someone not to string up their twinkly lights or start playing their Johnny Mathis Christmas tunes nonstop.  Really and truly, if that brings you joy, then go for it!!

But as for me, I’m going to wait a bit.  See, there’s something that feels a little unsettled right now and I’m actually OK with it.  It just feels like we’re in a sort of holiday No Man’s Land.  Thanksgiving is over, so fall should be, too.  But it’s not December, so it isn’t winter.  And Advent hasn’t started yet, so preparing for Christmas feels a little odd.  Odd, but nice.

Sometimes, I think, there is beauty in the waiting.  A comfort in knowing that I don’t have to rush right from one thing to the next.

And, well, if that makes me the Grinch, then so be it.  But let me tell you a secret…all it’s going to take for my heart to grow a few extra sizes is for that first Advent candle to be lit at Mass.  Then look out!  It’ll be on like Donkey Kong.

And, as for next year?  Well, just be prepared.  Thanksgiving will be the latest it can possibly be and I’ll be just as crazy as the rest of you once that turkey has been cleared away!

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