Trendsend Review #5 – From FL to CO with Love

Trendsend Review #5 – From FL to CO with Love

Let me tell you a little story before we get started reviewing clothes, m’kay?

Back at the beginning of December, I was scheduled to get my fifth box from the amazingly fab clothing service, Trendsend.  When the email arrived, though, telling me that it was being styled, I hopped online lickety split!  I had to cancel that thing before they sent it!  I mean, there I was, up to my armpits in Christmas shopping and Amex charges.  There was no way in the world I was going to be spending any hard earned money on myself, thankyouverymuch.

Two days later, I walked out of Target, a few of those Christmas gifts in my arms, and got into my van.  I picked up my phone to check Instagram real quick (as you do) and saw that Trendsend had mentioned me in a comment on one of their pictures.  Well, that was confusing!  What I had forgotten was that a week or so earlier, I had entered a giveaway for a $200 gift card by tagging my friend Meredith for a chance to win.

Well, what did I find?  Meredith and I had both won $200 to spend on clothes!  Whaaaaaaaaaat????  So fun, right?  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to order a box right then.  It would just have to wait.

Then came Christmas.

You may not know that I happen to be married to one of the best gift-givers on the entire planet.  And, as my gift this year, he completely surprised me with a trip for two to Denver over Valentine’s Day!  Three days, just him and me, beautiful hotel, magical train ride through a (hopefully) winter wonderland)…perfection!  But again I say…Whaaaaaaaaaat????

So, there I was with $200 of free money AND a trip to a wintery climate.  What was I to do but order up a box of beautiful clothes to take with me?  I mean, really!

The Pieces

In this box, I was sent six pieces.  One pair of jeans was accompanied by 5 different tops/cardigans that would (ideally) be able to be mixed and matched.

When I requested the box, I told them my situation and that I’d love to be able to use these pieces both here at home (in the Sunshine State) and on our trip (to the blustery, snowy west).  I requested some conglomeration of travel clothes, sightseeing clothes, and an outfit for a night out.

Unfortunately, I think I also mentioned I had a gift card.  Usually, I’m sent several items that were marked down or on sale.  This time?  Not so much.

Theoretically, they sent me a capsule wardrobe for my trip.  But, what actually made the cut and will be going with me to Denver?  See if you can figure it out…

Jeans – Mia High Rise Skinny by Kut from the Kloth || Top – Walker Spacedye Tunic by Peyton Jensen

My first thought when I saw this top?  OMG I love this!!  The color!  The tunic!  Sooo cute!  And then I saw myself from behind.


Where’s my Wide Load sign, y’all?  I mean, really.  Could that pleat stop at a more unflattering spot on my backside?  I think not.

And the jeans?  Nice legging feel, super stretchy and a great gray/black color.  They were kind of tight right at the waistline (thank you, four children o’ mine!), but I was hopeful they’d relax a bit with some wear.

Cardigan – Lenox Leopard Cardigan by Sanctuary || Tee – Long Sleeve Rib Tunic by Michael Stars || Jeans – same

You guys.  This was a really, really cute outfit.  For someone other than me.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

I can pretty much guarantee that I have never in my life worn animal print.  I can further pretty much guarantee that I never will.  It’s just not my jam.  Not to mention that this particular cardigan was ginormous!  They sent me an XL, but I have a feeling a Large would’ve fit much better.

Now, let’s talk about that layering tee.  In theory, it was excellent.  Having an all-purpose, long-sleeve tee to wear under other things as we traipse around frigid Colorado would be great.  BUT…what the heck are those thumbhole thingies and why do I need them?  Also…why in the name of all that is holy would I spend $88 on a plain white t-shirt?  Even with the “free money” of the gift card, that just ain’t something this girl will ever, ever do.

However, if you, dear reader, are a gazillionaire who likes to buy overpriced t-shirts to wear around your mansion?  Good for you, love.  Good for you.

Jeans – same || Top – Mac Popover Plaid Tunic by Peyton Jensen || Sweater – Gwen Boucle Cardigan by Stitches and Stripes

Finally!  This was the outfit I was most excited to try on ever since I did the live unboxing over on Facebook the day that my box arrived.  I loved the black and white plaid and that cardigan was so soft it felt like a dream.  So, how did it play out in real life?

Well, the top was perfection.  Fit great, loved the style.  Yes, it got pretty wrinkled, but the steamer made quick work of that.  The sleeves were long enough for my monkey arms and the buttons didn’t pull across my chest.  Score!

The cardigan, though?  While it still felt super soft and furry and fuzzy and amazing, it didn’t translate well into wearing.  It just looked boxy and didn’t really wow me like I had hoped it would.  Also, with an $88 price tag, I’d need to be wowed, know what I’m sayin’?

So, what did I keep?

If you guessed that the plaid top and jeans are coming with me to Denver, you are correct!

I was super sorry to see the black cardi and blue tunic go in the return-to-sender bag Trendsend provided, but such is life.  It turns out that I am my mother’s daughter and I just cannot spend money on things just because I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket.

Overall, I’d say that the stylist for this box (unfortunately not my usual stylist, Carrie) did about a B- level job.  She totally nailed my style in 5 out of the 6 pieces, but the fit of some things bit me in my extra-large behind.  Unfortunately, that leopard cardigan and $88 white t-shirt were big flubs.

Try it for yourself!

This post is 100% my own opinions and paid for by my own hard-won gift card.  All other Trendsend boxes I’ve ordered have been paid for with my own cash monies.

I know that I’ll be ordering my next box before my trip up to Indiana for my (ahem) 20th college reunion this spring.  (I really hope Carrie Z will be able to style it for me!)  If you’d like to order one for yourself, I’d really appreciate if you use my referral link.  Just click on any linked “Trendsend” word in this post, order your own box, and I’ll get 20% off my next purchase.

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