Monday Morning Quick Takes

Monday Morning Quick Takes

Good morning, y’all!  I thought I’d write up a few quick takes about things that are going on in my world.  These things really don’t necessitate entire blog posts on their own, but I still feel they’re worth mentioning.  Sound good?

As I write this, it isn’t Monday morning quite yet.  Actually, it’s Sunday afternoon.  Not just any Sunday afternoon, though.  This particular Sunday afternoon is the day after our part of the world stupidly had to “spring forward” at some point in the night.  It’s also the day that my youngest showed up at my bedside at 4:15 am (or would that be 3:15? I’m so confused), running a major fever and complaining of a sore throat.

So, basically, pass the coffee!

Oh, and…

But enough about that, let’s hit the quick takes!

1. New Skin Care I’m Loving!

How old is old enough to need face wash, exfoliater, three different moisturizers, and eye-bag de-puffer?  41, apparently.  Long gone are the days of washing my face once a day with whatever soap happened to be in the shower.  Now, apparently, I have to actually take care of my skin!  And I don’t even wear as much makeup as I used to!  What the heck, man?!

Anyway…  Here are a couple products I’m loving that I thought I’d share.  (No affiliate links, just sharing for funsies.)

bliss Micro Magic Microdermabrasion Scrub — I use this about twice a week in the shower and I looooove it!  I try to use it at night so that I can really lather on the nighttime moisturizer so that it doesn’t dry my skin out.  It just makes my skin feel so smooth!!

bliss In the Honey Moisturizing Mask — If the stars align and God particularly loves me in that moment, then after I use the Micro Magic Scrub, I have time to put on this Honey Mask.  Oh em gee, this smells so good and is so cooling on my skin!  Do I really know for sure if it’s beneficial to my skin?  No.  Do I think it’s a good use of $13 anyway?  Yes, yes I do.

Sephora Collections Brightening Eye Cream Hydrate and Depuff — Yes, I bought eye cream.  Not so much for wrinkles, but just because the skin around my eyes was dry and starting to look very baggy and puffy.  Not a good look, ya know?  I just started using this a few days ago, but so far I’d say I’m impressed.  And for $16, I figured it was worth the gamble.

2. Podcasts I Listen to On the Regular

Quite a while ago, I posted about some of my favorite podcasts.  And I stand by those still today!  That said, I have added several more to my library and wanted to share them with you, too.

First and foremost is The Gathering Place.  It’s hosted by Beth Davis and Jenna Guizar of Blessed is She.  In a word, it’s fabulous.  These ladies are hilarious, vulnerable, and I’m always drawn into their conversations like I’m sitting with two friends over coffee.

Next comes Pantsuit Politics.  As someone who doesn’t ascribe to one particular political party or another this is a winner.  Hosts Sarah and Beth are each from different “sides of the aisle,” as it were, and I feel like the present a well-rounded view of current events and politics.  As a woman, I like hearing voices that I can relate to talking about these kinds of topics.

Others to look for are:

3.  Folding My Teenager’s Laundry

Here’s a mom moment for you, if ever there was one.  I was folding my 17 year-old son’s laundry the other day, not because he can’t do it, but because I can.  He usually does his own laundry start to finish (hello — #momwin!), but thanks to a super busy week and copious amounts of homework, his stuff had been left in the dryer.  Being the super nice mom that I was pretending to be at that moment, I decided to fold it for him.  And then I fell down a rabbit hole of maternal nostalgia.

These clothes are not the clothes of a little boy.  These are clothes that were bought in the men’s department.  They fit a young man who is almost 6-feet tall, for goodness sake!  My formerly-little boy will probably take some if not all of this to college with him in just 18 short months.  And, even fresh from the dryer, they kind of smelled like him.  Sooner than I’d like, these clothes will be at the mercy of coin-operated laundry machines in a dormitory basement.  Oh, my heart!

It was in that moment of realization and (probably overly sappy sentimentalism) that I realized I didn’t have much longer to fold his clothes for him, to do this easy act of love for a boy who brings so much to my life.

Ugh.  I don’t know where I’m going with this other than to say my kid is getting older and leaving me soon and I’M NOT READY!

4. Parish Fish Fry, for the win!

Y’all, if at all possible, get yourself to a fish fry at your parish or a friend’s parish at some point during this Lent.  We had a great time at ours last Friday night!  We got to eat dinner with good friends while the kids got to run around pretty much unsupervised and/or hang out with their own friends.  The cost of dinner for the 6 of us just couldn’t be beat and, even when you add in the donations we made for desserts from the moms’ club, we were out of there for only $40.

I really hope these Friday nights in of Lent are ones that our kids look back on with real fondness someday, even if they’re there more for the fun than the fish.

And that’s all I’ve got for you right now!

What’s happening in your world, friend?  Got any makeup/skincare products you’re loving?  Do you listen to any of the podcasts I mentioned or are you going to give one of them a try?  How about your kids?  Are they throwing you for a loop lately, too?  Let me know in the comments!  Have a great week, y’all!!

Feature Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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