SUPER Moms are MARVELous!

SUPER Moms are MARVELous!

Happy almost Mother’s Day, you amazing mama, you!!!  And, just in case no one has told you yet today, I think you’re doing a SUPER job.  In fact, I think you’re simply MARVELous!

All puns aside, though, I think we all know that moms are pretty awesome humans.  And I think we can all name a bunch of ways that moms today almost defy their humanity – are superhuman, if you will – by the amazing things they can do!

Superheroes, Supermoms

Recently, I went to see the Avengers Endgame movie with my teenage boys.  Such a fun night!  The movie was great, sure, but I know that what I’ll remember most is the time we spent together.  Laughing, cheering, sharing popcorn, and crying (OK, so that was just me) together at this mega-blockbuster event of a movie was so freaking cool.

One thing I love about these movies is how very different all of the superheroes are.  They aren’t perfect; each one is flawed in their own special way.  The cool thing, though, is that those flaws often are the keys to their greatest strengths!  What the world perceives as weakness, what would keep them down if they were to live life solely on their own, are what contribute to the strength of the group.

Kinda sounds like moms, don’t you think?

So, without further ado, I offer you…

The Avengers: Mom Game

Take a look at yourself in a new way today, Mama.  Look around at your friends, you sisters, the ladies in your small group at church or the moms at the school.  What kind of superhero are you?  What kind of superhero is she?

Iron Man Mom

This mom is super tech-savvy.  She knows all the new tricks and gadgets and has the latest iPhone before anyone else.  She doesn’t like to let others see her weaknesses at all and, frankly, doesn’t like to admit to anyone except her friend Pepper Pots that they even exist.  She keeps her emotions solidly in check, but cares more than she ever lets on.

Thor Mom

A moral compass for those around her, this mama is deemed worthy by all who know her.  She is almost regal in her demeanor and has a great head of hair.  And while she can kick some serious tail when it comes to protecting the vulnerable, she can also be quite the party animal if the time is right.

Hawkeye Mom

Sometimes the bad guy, but a total good guy at heart, this mom can let her emotions get the best of her.  She sometimes acts before she thinks when she’s pushed to the limit.  She can always hit the bullseye when it comes to getting to the heart of a situation.  And she tries really hard not to judge people by their past worst selves, even though she is her own harshest critic.

Dr. Strange Mom

This is one of those moms that makes everyone wonder how she gets everything done in a seemingly impossible amount of time.  A time-bender of sorts, she always appears to know what’s coming before it actually happens.  She’s a big fan of alternative methods of healing, having experienced firsthand a lack of confidence in western medicine.  Chiropractic and essential oils are her jam.

Captain America Mom

This mom is super civic-minded.  Maybe she’s a lawyer, a judge, or the president of the PTO.  Her strength is in caring for all children and she won’t settle for justice for one until there is justice for all.  Unfortunately, this might make it seem that she gives more time to others than to her own family.  This mama will always be a voice for the weakest among us.

Ant Man Mom

This mom is totally unassuming.  She seems pretty average upon first glance, but further investigation will reveal that she’s a little powerhouse.  Mama can see all the tiny bits that make things work and gladly goes all in to make things right in her own quirky way.

Hulk Mom

Wow, this lady is pretty darn intimidating.  Her kids think she’s a rage monster since she won’t let them watch TV or play with screens on school days and thinks science is the only subject worth studying.  She’s also quite the gym rat.  Always ready to try the latest and greatest workout trend, girlfriend’s got muscles for days and thinks a good workout is the best way to blow off steam.

Spiderman Mom

Spiderman Mom is that super cute young mom.  She always wants to get everything just right.  And while she always tries her hardest, she generally isn’t quite sure what’s happening or what is coming next.  But darn it, you just can’t help loving her for all of her amazing enthusiasm.

Black Widow Mom

This is the mom who sits in her car during soccer practice.  She lays super low and would frankly rather keep to herself than join in random chitchat.  While she doesn’t like to get involved with things as a general rule, she is always available when you need her and will swiftly and skillfully knock out anything that gets in the way of someone she loves.  You definitely want her on your side.

Star-Lord Mom

(OK, OK.  I know.  Not technically an Avenger, but bear with me.)  This cool mama is always ready with a slightly-outdated but still super-fun pop-culture reference.  She’s ready to lead a rag-tag group of kiddos on adventures to just about anywhere.  Star-Lord Mom is definitely some sort of youth sports coach or girl scout troop leader.

Super YOU

So, lady friend.  Did you figure out who you are?  What superhero do you feel like today?  Which Avenger do your kids think you are?

One thing I know for sure, though?  All moms are superheroes.  We just don’t always wear capes.


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