Catholic Books I Don’t Want to Read Because I’m a Wuss

Catholic Books I Don’t Want to Read Because I’m a Wuss

Honestly, the actual title of this post should be “Catholic Books I Really Should Read Because They’d Make Me a Better Human.” Of course, that’s they way of things, isn’t it?  We tend to avoid what might push us out of our comfort zones, no matter how good for us they would be.  Which is why, yes, I am a great big wussy girl since I am pretty much flat refusing to read these books.

Let me tell you all of my horrible reasons why.  Then you can pray for me because of what a bad Catholic and generally horrible person I am.  And after that, you can (and totally should!) order the books for yourself and tell me which one(s) I should just get over myself about.

Doesn’t this just sound like a blast?!  Let’s go.

1. Theology of Home

OK, is this not a gorgeous book?  Head here to take a sneak peak at it and the absolutely stunning photography that fills its pages.  The three ladies that wrote this and put such beauty together should be applauded!

But here I sit in my bedroom as I write this and, well, it’s a hot mess.  Our dressers are 20 year old, broken, honey oak pieces made of that wood that’s more like cardboard than actual wood.  The TV sits on an old microwave cart (those of you in the 40+ age group will know what that is).  We have no headboard to our bed; it just sits on a metal frame.  And our nightstands are old living room end table that my husband bought from a consignment shop before we got married.  See?  Hot mess.

As for the rest of our house?  Well, let’s just say that I’m awful at decorating.  I keep things tidy, but I hate to clean.  And while I love to have people over and open up our home for some good old-fashioned hospitality, it’s not pretty when I do.  I don’t have nice serving pieces, all of our dishes are chipped, and my kitchen table is perpetually scuffed thanks to the six people who use and abuse it every day.

So, you ask yourself, why would I not want a book that is this beautiful and would maybe help me overcome some of my home decor and hospitality downfalls?  Because I’m a wuss, that’s why!  I am afraid that it would make me feel inferior and inadequate instead of inspired.

But you?  You should totally read it and share with me all that you learn.

2. The Catholic All Year Compendium: Liturgical Living for Real Life

If you’re a Catholic woman on social media at all, you probably know who the absolutely amazing Kendra Tierney is.  But on the off chance you don’t… Kendra is a writer, blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, mom of many, home-renovator, and general expert in all things Catholicism and liturgical living.  Basically, if she didn’t seem just so darn nice and funny, I wouldn’t be able to take it.

This book has all the earmarks of being absolutely phenomenal and I know many, many moms who already own it.  Case in point: Last week when I was writing a future blog post for Blessed is She, I wanted to know if this book included anything about the topic I was covering.  I put a little request for info out on my Instagram Stories and I got more offers of help and pictures of pages from the book than I could’ve imagined!  Pretty much, I felt like I am the only Catholic mom in all the land who doesn’t own this book.

The Catholic All Year Compendium really is just that.  At 345 pages, it’s a veritable encyclopedia of How to Be An Awesome Catholic Mom.  Which naturally means it scares the poo out of me.  I mean, why would I want to know all of the things I have missed out on teaching my kids?  What if I find something that is just so cool that I am heartbroken I missed sharing with my family?  Now that my kids are so big, starting new traditions seems like an unachievable goal.

See?  I’m a wuss.  Maybe I’ll go ahead and get it to save for my own kids someday.  That way, they can actually do this whole liturgical living thing better than their mom ever could.

3. The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture

OK, I’m going to go ahead and say it.  I like plastic straws.

I know, I know.  All of my tree-hugging eco-friends just collectively shuddered at my wastefulness.  (At least, that’s what happened in my head when I thought about certain people reading that sentence.)

Guys, the idea of reading a book about “intentional Christian living” and “seeking authentic intimacy” and “reconnecting with the land” scares the bejeezus out of me.  Why?  Well because it might make me uncomfortable, for one!  For another, it might make me look twice at what I have happily accepted as the status quo in my life and in my home!  Perish the thought!

Spoiler alert: Yes.  I do realize that that line of thinking may be exactly why I should read this book by the thoroughly lovable millennial blogger and podcaster, Haley Stewart.  Especially since, you know, I’ve been a huge fan of hers for years already.

But still.  As we have already established, I’m a wuss.

The Wuss Gets Brave

OK, friends.  So, now that I’ve totally shared a few of my many weaknesses with you and admitted to my wussy-ness, where do we go from here?  How can I take a hefty dose of humility and show some strength of Spirit?  In other words…

Which book should I order and read ASAP?

(I know which one I’m leaning to in my heart of hearts, but I want your input, too.)

Because, see, I know that this walk as Christians isn’t always easy.  I know that God constantly wants us to grow, not only in our faith but in the living out of that faith, too.  These areas that we see as weaknesses (or wussy-ness) in ourselves, He only sees as areas where we need His love and presence more.  And the fact that He sends such talented women to share their knowledge and talents in these same areas?  Well, that just shows what a loving and good Father he is.

Who knows?  Maybe one or two of these will make their way into my October Reads post in a few weeks.


In this post, I’ve used Amazon affiliate links for the books I’ve mentioned.  Thanks for using them if you decide to buy one of these great books!

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  • I am a BIG fan of The Grace of Enough! I recently got it from the library and then bought a copy so that I could read it again. I’ve also been looking into the Catholic All Year book but don’t want to have to do more with my kiddos 😂😭 wuss alert here too! I’m excited to see what others say too!

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