A Litany for Self-Worth

A Litany for Self-Worth

Hey, you.  Yes, you – the one taking a breather or a break in your crazy busy day.  Also, you – the one mindlessly scrolling your phone because it’s a pandemic and we’re on month 32 of summer break and for the love what else is there to do.  Or, you – the one who is just so lonely and looking for connection.  I wrote this Litany for Self-Worth for you.  Well, I wrote it for me, too.

You see, I often find that when I write something for myself (in other words, to process my own feelings on a subject), that it often resonates with how other women are feeling.  And that was certainly the case with a photo and caption I posted on Instagram the other day!

Like many of you, I have felt myself floundering a little lately.  When your whole world has been turned upside down, it’s hard to find your place in it anymore, yeah?  And, for me anyway, I tend to fall so quickly into comparing myself with anyone and everyone as a way of orienting myself.

How am I like her?  How am I different?  Am I doing better at (fill in the blank) than she is or am I doing worse?  Am I keeping myself more or less put together than she is?  How is she getting (xyz) done all the time and I can’t even (abc)?!

Sound familiar?  I’d imagine maybe it does.  Because feeling a little (or a lot) low right now?  It’s perfectly normal, sis.  And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

But what I know to be true and need to keep reminding myself is that my identity, my value, and my self worth is not going to be found through comparison.  It’s not going to be found in my social media feed or somebody else’s tiny squares or 240 characters.  No, ma’am.  My identity, my value, and my self worth are only going to be found through who I know to be through my Creator.

So, for all of us just trying to recognize, remember, or simply find our place in this world, may I offer this litany?  I hope the praying of it helps you as much as it does me.

You are loved, my friend.  You are valuable just as you are.  Remember that.

A Litany for Self-Worth

From the fear of falling short in comparison, good Lord deliver me.

From the fear of not being included, good Lord deliver me.

From the fear that You have a grand plan for everyone else’s life but not really for mine, good Lord deliver me.

From the fear of not being important enough, good Lord deliver me.

From the desire to seem important to people I don’t even know, good Lord deliver me.

From the need to always feel like I have to try harder, good Lord deliver me.

From the tendency to compare my body or beauty or accomplishments with anyone else’s, good Lord deliver me.

From the fear that I’m not enough for some people or too much for others, good Lord deliver me.

From the belief that I need to be “popular,” good Lord deliver me.

From the fear of aging and that I’m not pretty enough anymore, good Lord deliver me.

From confusing weight with worth, good Lord deliver me.

I am made in Your image and likeness, Holy Spirit come.

The only one I need to impress is You, Holy Spirit come.

You have given me so many good gifts, Holy Spirit come.

Influence isn’t the goal but Heaven is, Holy Spirit come.

No lie I tell myself is bigger than Your truth, Holy Spirit come.


A Little Something Just for You

I’ve made a couple things for you that I hope you’ll find helpful if this prayer is one you want to say more than just this once.

First, here’s a background photo for your phone:

And next, here’s a printable version if that’s more your speed (just download the PDF and print it out!) –> litany for self-worth

May God bless you and may you always remember where your true value lies.

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  • I really loved when I read this on Instagram. And I love re-reading it now. How did you know that I needed it at that moment?! I’ve been struggling with comparing myself with all of the wonderful women I follow. It’s so hard not to. Thank you for this.

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