Battling Cancer & New Beginnings with Lindsay

Battling Cancer & New Beginnings with Lindsay

On this week’s (inaugural, premier, headmost) episode of the A Welcome Grace Podcast, we talk with my friend Linsday Durrenberger.  Diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer at age 33, Lindsay has a unique perspective on life that I think we all need to tune into.

Who is Lindsay?

Lindsay is an elementary educatory.  After a 12-year career in copywriting and marketing, she recently made a career shift and became a teacher. She’s always felt called to education, but after battling cancer (and winning, so far) she decided that whatever time she left she wants to spend with her husband and kids. Joining her husband as a teacher and the two of them being on the same schedule as her kids.  This, she says, truly is life-giving.  She has been seriously following Christ for nearly 20 years.  And, in her spare time, she participates in a feminist book club, runs 5ks, and practices yoga. Lindsay eats pickled okra by the jar and has never met a stray cat she didn’t try to adopt.

Battling Cancer & New Beginnings

So, let me ask you this.  Does your life look anything…right now, at the beginning of October 2020…anything like you imagined it would?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say…maybe not.

Maybe your world has been turned completely upside down this year.

Perhaps you, like Lindsay, have battled an illness.  Maybe, like me, you’ve had to start a distance learning set-up for your kids or send a kid to college.  It could be that you retired, started a new job, found new ways to do otherwise completely “normal” tasks, or maybe you’ve had to…even chosen to…enter into uncharted territory this year.

Well, you are not alone.

In today’s episode, Lindsay and I talk candidly about the newness we’ve each faced this year.  First, Lindsay very openly and honestly describes her battle with colorectal cancer.  Then, we offer our best advice to anyone facing new and/or challenging times.  Some of that advice includes:

  • crowdsourcing
  • embracing failure
  • looking for experts
  • being open to changing your mind

Listen in!

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