Politics & Perspective with Julie

Politics & Perspective with Julie

Looking for a bit of perspective in your politics these days?  Then look no further than today’s AWG Podcast episode with my guest Julie Varner Walsh.

Who is Julie?

Julie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and German from Mount Saint Mary’s University. She served for three years in the Inspector General’s office of the U.S. General Services Administration and for five years as Associate Director, Social Concerns of the Maryland Catholic Conference. For the past ten years, Julie has been a stay-at-home mother to five young children.  And, she’ll tell you some more about her credentials and political past in the episode.

Some of Julie’s personal political views would be considered conservative, some liberal, but nearly all align to Catholic teaching. True to what she considers her life’s work, Julie cares more about building up a system of integrity and goodness than any particular political labels.  Julie started her podcast, More Than Politics, in 2020. She describes it as a podcast for those of us who want something more than what we’ve come to expect from politics – and from our political discourse. Each week, More Than Politics features a conversation that helps put today’s politics in context, that honestly and charitably explores the issues of the day, that encourages us to engage in politics in a moral, even loving way.

Politics & Perspective

In the 24 years since I voted in my very first presidential election, life has changed a bit.  Society has changed a bit.  And, frankly, I’ve changed a bit.  Precisely nothing is simple anymore it seems.  My vote is no longer a foregone conclusion and, honestly, growing more in my Catholic faith has made voting for anybody includes more mental and spiritual gymnastics than I’d like.

Add to all that an ever quickening news cycle and the social media phenomenon, and you’ve got yourself a whole mess of confusion.  How are we supposed to be true to ourselves, our faith, our relationships, our families, and our futures and still vote in good conscience?  Where is the perspective that we need?  Enter, Julie.

Reader, I really appreciated my conversation with podcaster, blogger, and political afficionado, Julie Varner Walsh, and I think you will, too.

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Listen in!

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