Family Teaching & Common Ground with Marcia

Family Teaching & Common Ground with Marcia

Have you ever been surprised when you unexpectedly find common ground with someone who, by all appearances, is different from you?  Well, in today’s episode of the A Welcome Grace Podcast, I had the pleasure of doing just that.  And I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Marcia Lane-McGee.

Who is Marcia?

Marcia Lane-McGee is a self-described functional hot mess, and some days that’s all you need to know.  Born and raised in Chicago, IL, she is also a writer, speaker, and podcaster.  She is a master of the “well, actually” and an advocate for justice.  When not desperately trying (and failing) to keep plants alive, she spends her free time traveling, reading, making up words to songs.  All that, and she loves a good trivia or karaoke night.  A former parish youth minister, she enjoys working with youth and encouraging them.

Marcia currently has her hands full running a home of teen boys at Mooseheart Child City and School in her position as Family Teacher.  She also co-hosts the podcast “Plaid Skirts and Basic Black,” is actively working to earn the title “World’s Best Aunt,” and uses her 11 and a half inch redwood wand with a dragon heartstring core to spread a little magic wherever it is needed.

Family Teaching & Common Ground

So, here’s a question for you.  Have you ever met anyone online and you think, “I wonder if they’re as (fill-in-the-blank adjective here) as they are online”?

Maybe they seem terribly funny or serious, scatterbrained or laser-focused.  Doesn’t matter.  Whatever trait it is that has drawn you to them, do you sometimes wonder if people are the same in real life as they seem on the surface?

Well, I certainly asked myself that about Marcia.  I have SO enjoyed following her on Instagram and just get the biggest kick out of her huge smile, huge voice, and huge personality!  But I wondered how that would translate into real life if I ever got to talk to her in person.

Friends, let’s just suffice it to say, Marcia did NOT disappoint.  Oh…my…goodness did we have the best time talking and laughing together!

You know, one of my goals with this podcast is to discover alongside you all that we women are more alike than we are different, right?  Well, today’s episode delivers that in spades.  Marcia and I find lots of common ground in our shared loves of pop culture, a good brunch, wild teenagers, and – believe it or not – Terre Haute, IN.

But we also found, or rather, I sought out and Marcia was gracious enough to share with me, some ways we are different and some things we can certainly learn from our Black friends.  We laughed, I almost cried, and it is most definitely a conversation I will remember for a long, long time.

Quick Links from this Episode:

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  • Learn more about St. Mother Theodore Guerin and the Sisters of Providence here.
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