Wrestling with 2020 & Finding Joy in the Holidays with Mary

Wrestling with 2020 & Finding Joy in the Holidays with Mary

Hold onto your hats, kids, because this is one amazing podcast episode!  On today’s episode I talk all things 2020 and Holidays with the inimitable Mary Lenaburg.  We laugh, we reminisce…it’s a grand old time.  And Mary does as she is wont to do.  Namely, she brings the fire of the gospel in a totally relatable, humorous way as we wrestle with the realities of 2020 and the holiday season that is yet to come.

Who is Mary?

Mary Lenaburg is exactly the kind of compassionate, straight-shooting, loving, encouraging, and fun big sister I always wanted.  She is a wife of over 30 years to her husband Jerry and mama to Jonathon and Courtney.  Her daughter Courtney passed away 6 years ago after a lifelong journey with profound special needs.  Mary is the author of the award-winning book from Ave Maria Press entitled Be Brave in the Scared and her second book, Be Bold in the Broken, will be coming out in the spring of 2021.  She’s a speaker, an avid cook and baker, a Hallmark Christmas movie enthusiast, an Instagram aficionado, and a Beauty Counter professional.

2020 & The Holidays

It’s been one helluva year, hasn’t it?  And yet, the holiday season is still coming!  Barreling towards us with gaining speed and ready to tromp all over our already exposed and raw emotions and faith.   On today’s episode, Mary and I discuss all things 2020 and the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. And, in my favorite twist of events, Mary takes us straight to church as she beautifully tells us about her daughter and how living through grief has taught her so many lessons about a time such as this.  So, what can you expect to hear?

All about 2020:

  • God’s amazing timing
  • Finding beauty and faith even in the darkest and most difficult times
  • Is God really who He says He is? Can and do I believe Him to be so?
  • 2020 has proven to us that we can’t and shouldn’t depend solely on ourselves, but in the support and providence of God.

All about Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  • Which category do we fall into? Are we Christmas people or Thanksgiving people? (Spoiler alert: there is no right answer.)
  • Our favorite dishes on the Thanksgiving table
  • How can we prepare our hearts for the unusualness of the upcoming holiday season?
  • Our favorite family stories and memories
  • A holiday “This or That” pop quiz!

Quick Links from this Episode:

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