Give Thanks in All Circumstances (Even 2020)

Give Thanks in All Circumstances (Even 2020)

How do you give thanks when the last thing you’re feeling is grateful?
How do you respond to St. Paul’s invitation to “give thanks in all circumstances” when the whole year feels like a dumpster fire?
When you really take the time to look through the eyes of faith, do you have more to be thankful for that you might have initially thought?

These are the questions I’m discussing today on the podcast as I share my own list of what I’m grateful for.  Maybe it will encourage you to do the same!  Themes of family, friendship, relationships, and faith are explored before I offer a short prayer for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Give Thanks

Guys, I know that it’s hard.  In the original plan for this year’s Thanksgiving, I was supposed to fly to my parents’ house this past weekend.  I was going to spend the week helping my mom cook.  My brother and I were supposed to go hiking together.  As much as I want that to still be the case, though, plans have changed.  It’s hard to let go of the dream holiday in your heart and then grab hold of the holiday you’ve been given.   But concentrating on what we actually have to be grateful for?  Well, it really can make a huge difference.

Check out this post from last Thanksgiving for more inspiration, too.

Listen In!

It’s just a short little 15-minute bonus episode today, friends.  But, as the saying goes, I hope it’s a case of “good things come in small packages” for you.

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