AWG Podcast Season 2 is Here!!

AWG Podcast Season 2 is Here!!

It’s here, y’all!! The AWG Podcast Season 2 is here!

I am so excited to share this season with you.  So far, there are 10 episodes all lined up and in the queue, ready to hit your earbuds every Thursday for the next couple of months.  And well, frankly, I am quite giddy to tell you all about it.

We Are Flipping the Script This Season!

Remember a while ago when I wrote this post?  Way back in August, I started having a sneaking suspicion that I needed to change how I thought about certain things.  And, well, one thing led to another and now I have a podcast that’s in its second season!

But you probably want more of an explanation than that.  I get it.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that some days are just straight up crappy. It’s another truth that some situations or sets of circumstances can leave us confused, dejected, exhausted, or even depressed if they persist or seem unchangeable.

But what I have also noticed to be (fairly) universally true is that, oftentimes, a change in attitude or perspective makes all the difference. Maybe you’ve noticed this, too? How, sometimes, when we cannot change our circumstances, we need to change our way of thinking.

Essentially, we need to flip the script.

In other words, How can I change how I think about these things when I can’t change the things themselves?  What words or thoughts or practices do I have the power to amend so I feel less stuck?

Over the course of this upcoming season, I’m going to share some of the ways this practice has worked in the lives of my guests.  I can’t wait for you to meet (or become better acquainted with) all of these amazing ladies.

Who’s Coming to Chat?

Recognize any of those lovely faces?

Well, here’s just a little snapshot of who you can expect to hear from this season.  Like I mentioned earlier, there are 10 episodes in the queue, but that might extend to 12 if a couple of “yeses” I’m waiting for actually come through.

Erin H. Moon will be joining us to talk about Lent.  And believe me, you’ve never heard this kind of conversation about Lent before!

Leticia Ochoa Adams will be coming by to discuss privilege and poverty, generational racism and generational trauma.  Honestly?  Not things I had ever considered much before this last year.  What a gift it was to talk with her!

Nicole M. Caruso and I chat all things fashion, makeup, and what it means to be “worthy of wearing.”  Look for her new book of the same name coming soon!

Laura Kelly Fanucci and I flipped the script on creativity and what that means and how we can incorporate all different types of creativity in our lives.  And we laughed more than I ever would’ve expected!

Also in the lineup are Amanda Teixeira of Wallet Win, Angela Brown, Chloe Langr, Kathy Scheibmeir, Patty Breen, and Dr. MaryRuth Hackett!

Listen to the Trailer Now

It’s true, you guys.  The best way you can encourage and help a new podcaster is by rating and reviewing their show on your favorite podcast player.  Even more than that, though, is sharing the content so others can listen, too!  It’s a personal touch that means a whole lot.  I sincerely hope you love today’s trailer and come back next week as we start flipping the script on some pretty interesting stuff.

You can find A Welcome Grace Podcast with Beth Williby on AppleSpotify, or your other favorite podcast player.  Thank you!!

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