Flipping the Script on Lent with Erin H. Moon

Flipping the Script on Lent with Erin H. Moon

Here we are, friends!  We are back in the season of Lent that it feels like we never really left from last year.  I mean, it’s hard to believe that all of this pandemic stuff started 11 months ago, just shortly after Ash Wednesday.  Nevertheless, here we are at the intersection of a new season in the liturgical year and a new season of the podcast.  So what topic do you think made the most sense to flip the script on?  Yep, you guessed it!

Flipping the Script on Lent

This week, I sit down with the hilarious and inspiring Erin H. Moon to flip the script on Lent.  Topics in today’s discussion include:

  • What exactly is this liturgical season?
  • Fasting vs. Feasting and how they work in tandem.
  • How Erin’s conversion from Southern Baptist to Anglican changed her view of Lent.
  • Comparing Anglican and Catholic observances of Lent
  • God’s permissive will  and God’s perfect will

If you are a Lenten observer from way back, this episode is for you.
Or, if you are someone who wants to understand Lent better, this episode is for you.
And (this is my favorite part), if you are a person who likes lofty topics of faith presented in a really accessible manner, this episode is for you.

Quick Links from the show:

Follow Erin on Instagram! (Do it! You won’t be sorry.)
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Grab a copy of Erin’s Lent Devotional, Memento Mori, here!

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