Flipping the Script on the Feminine Genius with Chloe

Flipping the Script on the Feminine Genius with Chloe

Are you asking yourself, “What in the world is the feminine genius, anyway?”  Then, to paraphrase today’s guest, “Sister, this episode is for you!”  No, for real.  You may think today’s episode is going to go way into Catholic woo-woo territory and, well, you’d be kind of right.  But I promise you’ll be glad you listened!

Flipping the Script on the Feminine Genius

Like I said, in this week’s episode, we go full-on Catholic and really deep dive a topic I didn’t even know existed until about 10 years ago.  Honestly, maybe it was even more recent than that and yes, I am a cradle Catholic!  In Episode 13, Chloe Langr and I venture into Pope St.  John Paul II’s teaching on the feminine genius.  For those of you who know what that is, wonderful!  Welcome to the conversation.  For those of you who are scratching your heads or maybe have heard this phrase but don’t quite know what it means?  Wonderful and welcome to you, too.

Topics in today’s discussion include:

  • What is the feminine genius, anyway?
  • How does it impact our lives?
  • Is this just a Catholic thing or does it apply to non-Catholic women, too? (Spoiler alert: it does.)
  • How does the feminine genius support our individuality and that there’s not just one way to be a Catholic woman?
  • Can dialing in on the feminine genius help us cope when God flips the script on what we think life should be?

Who is Chloe Langr?

Ok, isn’t she just the cutest?  Seriously, for someone so young and adorable, I am constantly impressed by Chloe’s knowledge of and love for her Catholic faith and literally every woman she talks to.  Such an inspirational young woman!  (And yes, I am totally aging myself because girlfriend is just about to have her second baby and is quite accomplished.  But I’m like 18 years older than she is which means I could be her mom, so there’s that.)


Chloe Langr is a Catholic wife, mom, and author living in the heart of the Midwest. She hosts “Letters to Women,” a podcast that explores what it means to live out the feminine genius in the everyday. A Catholic Book Award winner, Chloe is the author of several books, including Created for Love: Reflections for the Catholic Bride-to-Be and the brand-new Letters to Women: Embracing the Feminine Genius in Everyday Life. When she isn’t behind the podcast microphone, you can find her drinking espresso with her husband, Joseph, and reading board books with her two young daughters.

Quick Links from the Episode

Check out Chloe’s podcast here.
Follow Letters to Women on Instagram.
Order Chloe’s new book Letters to Women (on Amazon) or (from Tan Books)
Read Pope St. John Paul II original Letter to Women here

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