Flipping the Script on the Single Life with Patty

Flipping the Script on the Single Life with Patty

In today’s episode, I sit down with real-life friend and all-around great gal, Patty Breen, to discuss something I basically know nothing about but Patty certainly does. Namely, what is it like to live the single life in your 30s in the 21st century?  Lucky for us, Ms. Patty is as open and funny and lovely as she could be and she shares her story with us.

Flipping the Script on the Single Life

But why? you might be asking yourself.  Why do we “smug marrieds” as Bridget Jones would call us in her diary — and let’s be honest, married people are pretty much my listener demographic, but if you are one of the single listeners, you’ll get some serious value from this conversation, too — Anyway, why is it that the collective “WE” need to have the script flipped on singlehood? Well, it’s for the sake of compassion…empathy…and taking a look at a situation outside of our own sphere and understanding it better.  And, at the same time, sometimes it’s really helpful to hear someone else’s perspective on a situation we know all too intimately.

Topics covered today include:

  • What do single people feel married people need to see differently?
  • Patty’s experience with marriage, divorce, annulment, and starting to date again in her 30s
  • What “healthy dating” looks like
  • What is an annulment and what isn’t it?
  • Online dating in the 21st century
  • God’s ability to take our plans and disappointments and turn them into something beautiful

Who is Patty?

Patty Breen is a Pastoral Associate at her local parish in Michigan, a position she describes as being the Robin to the priest’s Batman. She has been working in lay ministry for over twelve years and writes at various places online. A true Midwestern girl, Patty finds joy in running, strong cups of coffee, Ignatian spirituality, writing, and a good old-fashioned Hollywood musical. She is passionate about messy conversations at the intersection of faith, culture, and ministry.

Quick Links from the Episode

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