Flipping the Script on Women’s Health & Wellness with Angela

Flipping the Script on Women’s Health & Wellness with Angela

It’s almost certain that there isn’t a woman out there who doesn’t have some issue with her body.  Whether she’s tall or short, plus size or petite, “healthy or unhealthy”.  No matter how much or little she exercises or what or how much she eats.  We all want to be better, do better, feel better, look better.  And throw aging and the crazy hormones of pregnancy or menopause in there and, well, it all just feels like a whole lot.  So today, I sit down with Angela Brown to discuss flipping the script on women’s health and wellness.

Flipping the Script on Women’s Health & Wellness

I remember the moment when I realized I needed to change how I thought about exercise.  My back had gone out again (thanks, scoliosis) and a kind and insightful physical therapist had a “come to Jesus” with me about it.  He told me that, in order to prevent this from happening again and again, I needed to make movement a part of my life.  He took into consideration my scoliosis and subsequent arthritis in my left knee and foot and suggested regular yoga and walking.  After months of taking him at his word, I was floored!  Not only was my back doing better, but so was my mental health!

Seriously, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather.  Exercise became something that I looked forward to doing as opposed to something I did to punish myself.  Consider that script flipped, my friends!

Topics covered today include:

  • The moments Beth & Angela both realized their health scripts needed flipping
  • Angela’s thyroid health journey from stressed out college student and former athlete to thriving health and fitness professional
  • Angela’s top three health and wellness factors for women to consider at any age, but especially as we age

Who is Angela Brown?

Angela Brown is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Healthcare Practitioner and a licensed Physical Therapist in Missouri.  She started practicing physical therapy over 22 years ago and then added in functional medicine almost 7 years ago. She and her husband Matt own a gym where she practices both physical therapy and personal training. And she has also become a thyroid health coach, helping with women with hypothyroidism regain their energy and balance their hormones utilizing lab testing and nutrition.

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I hope you enjoy this conversation as we flip the script on women’s health and wellness!

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