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Around the Web

I’m so glad to share with you all of the places you can find my writings around the web!

Blessed Is She Blog Posts

I started blogging for Blessed Is She shortly after I started A Welcome Grace in 2017.  It has been my honor and privilege to work with the lovely, faith-filled ladies there.  I will continue to update these links as more posts are published.  But here’s what I’ve contributed so far:

Praying for Our Children’s Teachers

Which Saint?  How to Pick Your Patron Saint for the School Year

Music from the Heart: Celebrating St. Cecilia

Entertaining Angels: Hospitality and the Holidays

Finding Joy in the Teen Years (Plus Advice from the Trenches)

Favorite Catholic Podcasts for Women

“A Wrinkle in Time” Review

Why and How to Start a Meal Train

Food as Ministry

A Mother’s Prayer for Summer

Why You Should Travel with Your Spouse (and How to Make it Happen)

The Father’s Love: Felt, Seen, and Believed

Our Lady of Prompt Succor and Hurricane Season

A Busy Mom Uses the Blessed is She Liturgical Planner

Angel of God, My Guardian Dear

Unbroken: Path to Redemption Movie Review

More Than Saying Thank You: Cultivating Gratitude in Our Teenage Children

Songs of the Season: Advent Music vs. Christmas Music (playlist links included!)

Making Un-Resolutions for the New Year

The Ordinary Romance of Marriage

The First Communion and Confirmation Gift Guides

5 New Titles for Your Catholic Bookshelf

The Constancy of God in Our Times of Transition

Public Schooling Catholic Kids

Blessed is She Prayer Pledge 2019

In January 2019, I was honored to be part of a group of 5 women who worked together to write the Blessed is She Prayer Pledge.  It is a way for all women to grow together in community while working to further their prayer life at the start of a new year.  Each week, a different author wrote on the topic of the day.  Our theme for 2019 was New Year, New Pentecost.  I closed out the month and wrote the last week (days 27-31).


Blessed Is She Workshop — Around the Table: The Ministry of Food

Guest Posts for Other Sites

Women Encouraging Women: I’m a Mom of Teens and You Can, Too! {Beth’s Story} — I wrote a post about parenting teens and the great parts about having all “big kids” now.  Take a look at the rest of my friend Gina’s great blog and her Etsy shop!

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