Friday Five, vol. 4

Friday Five, vol. 4

Whoooo-eeeee! This has been quite a week. I can hardly believe it’s been a week already!

But that also means that the first week of summer vacation is done and we’ve all survived. Virtual fistbumps all around!!!

So, here’s a quick look at the last week, Instagram-style.


#1 – Last Saturday was the first summer swim meet of the year for our kids.  They all did well.  Leah dropped two of her times and so did Josh.  Now that they have one meet for the year under their belts, they know what to work on for next time.  It’s always so fun for me (and for them!) to watch their progress over the summer.

#2 – I don’t know about you, but the Willibys are carnivores.  And I have to brag on my oldest for a minute.  He is the master griller around here.  He can do a steak, some chicken, a pork tenderloin…whatever you want to throw at him…like nobody’s business.  Delicious!!

#3 – On Memorial Day, Greg was still out of town, so I took the kids to the pool on my own.  I would like to proudly state that I can still do underwater flips and handstands with the best of them!  Not to mention my tennis-ball-catch skills aren’t too shabby either.

#4 – We are SOOOO lucky to only live 20 minutes from the beach here in NE Florida.  Boogie boards, sand, waves, kids…it’s my happy place in the summer.  (And if you notice an extra boy child in that picture, that’s Josh’s best buddy Andrew…my extra bonus 5th child.)

#5 – It’s dance recital weekend!!  Leah is our dancer and here she is displaying her “I don’t have time for a picture, but I’m going to appease you for 2.7 seconds, Mom” face.

So that’s it from around here!  Hope you all have had a wonderful week!  Make sure to look me up on the IG for fun (possibly stupid) Instastories and more tomfoolery like this.  I’m @ bethwilliby.


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