A Serious Case of the Mondays

A Serious Case of the Mondays

Is it possible for a case of the Mondays to start on a Saturday?  I’m really thinking the answer to that is a resounding


The Yard Sale That Wasn’t

We were supposed to have a yard sale on Saturday morning.  “Supposed to” being the key words there.  Mother Nature had other ideas, though.  See, we woke up at o’dark thirty on Saturday morning to pouring down rain.  Yep.  Rain.  Buckets and buckets and buckets of the stuff.

Which meant that we couldn’t set up in the driveway, as is the norm down here.  We set up in the garage instead.  Let me just tell you how that was.  Mass confusion.  Much crowding.  Extreme claustrophobia.  Bad news, man.

Anyway, we set all our crap up and waited and waited and waited.  In the 6 hours that we were out there and set up, we got about 12 people come by.  And after working for hours and hours over several days, we made a whopping $150.  For real.


Oh, well.  On the bright side, Greg and I had lots of time to talk about what we want to do for our 20th anniversary next summer (as in summer 2019…not this year…we’re planners, can ya tell?).  Can you say, Ciao, bella?!  And the local thrift store/charity got one heckuva donation, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.

But for real, Monday…

Alrighty.  Just for shizz ‘n giggles, let’s run down Beth’s Craptastic Monday-o-Fun, shall we?  Here goes.

First, didn’t sleep worth a darn and woke up on the cranky side of the bed.  (I should’ve realized what that meant and just gone back to sleep.  Hindsight truly is 20/20.)

Second, all four of my children were suuuuuper needy this morning. Yet, somehow, they were also selectively deaf whenever I asked anything of them.

Third, it was pouring down rain.  Again.  Which made morning carpool an absolute circus!!  The roads were full of regular carpool drivers, people who drove today so their regularly-biking children wouldn’t have to drown themselves on the way to school, and ticked off people trying to head to work.  Super fun!! And it took 20 minutes longer than usual. Perfect.

I come home from that nastiness to find out that the coffee pot was empty.  EMPTY!!  The humanity…

But, with all the kids off at school, it was time for my day of errands.  Can we say fiasco?

The power went out at the chiropractor’s office halfway through my adjustment which meant that I had to cut my appointment short and not have my time on the spinalator.  And everybody knows that the Spinalator is the best part!!

I went for a manicure (don’t hate me, I needed my cuticles trimmed by someone other than myself) and proceeded to chip my nail polish within a record setting 2 hours.

After that, I went in and out of Target, Aldi, and Home Goods…yep, in the rain…without an umbrella because my children hate me and had inadvertently hidden it in the van.

I finally make it home from this spectacular day about 17 minutes before the kids get home from school.  The youngest comes home telling me she rolled her ankle at school and can she please have some ice and some ibuprofen “but not the yucky orange kind.”  The oldest texts to tell me that he needs to stay after school for an algebra tutoring session, so I’ll need to come get him when he’s done.

Finally, add in to all of that some technical glitches, a super bad hair day, and my need to compare my current body to Duchess Kate’s amazing post-birth body and yeah.

Shoot me now.

The Silver Lining

Now, since I truly do try to see the bright side of most situations, I’m going to leave you with three silver linings I found today.  Ready?  Try not to be completely overwhelmed by the joy of it all!

One — My oldest son is a whiz on the grill and was very helpful making dinner tonight.  Sometimes, burgers really do hit the spot.

Two — I had another of my very favorite after-dinner strolls around the neighborhood with the husband tonight.  It’s amazing how that can lift my mood!

Three — This dadgum day only has another 2 1/2 hours!  I’m don’t remember the last time I was so happy to have Tuesday arrive!

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