Giving Arbonne a Whirl

Giving Arbonne a Whirl

I’ll admit it.  I’m a bit of a serial monogamist when it comes to my skincare and makeup routines.  Every so often, I find that one amazing new product that I absolutely love and then it’s all I use for the next one to five years.

I’ll give you an example… For a while, I was all about Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin foundation.  Then, when my rosacea reared its ugly head, I moved onto IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream. Now, while the Neutrogena was great for my skin and the IT foundation covers my rosacea like a dream, I have yet to find the elusive potion that checks all the boxes.  As soon as I do find it, though, rest assured it will find its way into my makeup drawer!

And skincare?  Lawd. I have tried just about everything, I think.  From plain old soap & water to Neutrogena to Aveeno to Rodan + Fields to Cetaphil and everything in between, I tell you!  I have super sensitive, super dry skin alongside that rosacea I mentioned, so it’s really tricky to find something that keeps me clean, hydrated, and flare-up free.

Enter Arbonne

I met the lovely Cassie Kent through Blessed is She about a year ago.  She’s a really faith-filled woman who loves her family, Disney, cactus, and her So-Cal life with a refreshing vitality.  She also has her own Arbonne business!

Well, if you know me, you know that I just love to buy stuff from mamas who hustle.  Jewelry, bags, kitchen tools, clothes (well, except patterned leggings…that ship has sailed for me), and even food…you name it!!  And, yes, skincare is on that list!

I first started using Arbonne’s Calm line of face wash and lotion a few months ago and I just love it.  It works great, has no weird smell, and is honestly lasting forever.  One to two pumps at a time is all it takes! The lotion is great, too.  I use a pea sized amount of that in the morning under my sunscreen and foundation and that does the trick.  Recently, though, I picked up the facial oil to use at night and WOW.  It’s fantastic! I honestly see that it is hydrating my face and keeping the rosacea flare-ups at bay.

Recently, when we were on vacation, I used the RE9 Advanced Prepwork veil sunscreen any time I ventured out of my stateroom  It was really nice! It blended my skin tone a bit and let me have that “slightly improved” no makeup look that is so nice for summer.  

You know what else I like about it?  It’s clean. There’s nothing in any of Arbonne’s products that will give me cancer or make my descendents grow third arms or anything like that.  Take a look!

But what about makeup?

Never fear, friends!  I may not be a makeup guru or use a wide variety of products, but I am super picky about what I do wear.

I have tried three of Arbonne’s makeup items and really like them all.  First, the lipsticks are great! Really moisturizing with beautiful colors.  My only hesitation there is that they do tend to bleed a little on my face, but that could probably be fixed by using some lip liner (not that I’m fancy enough to keep that on hand, but ya know…).  The foundation is lovely. Nice and smooth with a coverage that would probably be great for most people. It will work for me as long as I’m not mid-flare so, yay! But the mascara?!  That’s gold, my dears.  Blackest black, luxurious, adds volume and length…I’m sold!

Want to get your party on?

So, this is all well and good, right?  But why am I telling you all of this? It’s because I’m throwing a party!  A Facebook party, that is! Next Tuesday night, June 12, from 8:00-9:00 pm Eastern, Cassie will be leading us on a tour of some of Arbonne’s products, leading some fun games, and even (maybe? possibly?) a giveaway?

If you’d like to join in the fun, swing over and make sure to like and follow the AWG Facebook page.  Leave a comment or send me a message and I’ll make sure you get an invitation!

Whether or not you join the party, please feel free to head over to Cassie’s business page (linked above) and poke around.  You could also join her private group here.  She’d be more than happy to help you find exactly what you personally would need to best benefit your skin.  You can even email her directly at

A Message from Cassie

Hey! I am Cassie, wife to Mike (10 years and counting, woot!) and mom to 3 (Giuliana, Charlie and Bernadette)! I am a stay at home mama, homeschooling my kiddos and I am my own boss! So happy Arbonne discovered me and the Lord basically pushed me into this business and made no other way for me! Haha, His ways are always better!

This business has blessed my family’s lives so much and has been such a vehicle of great change in my own life that has brought so much fruit (financial + time freedom is only the beginning of that fruit). I fell in love with Arbonne’s integrity, maturity (we have been around for 38years!), and passion to make lives better either through clean products or a viable business. To serve in a community of other passionate, faith-filled women/consultants has been so inspiring and continually is teaching me to grow in virtue and be better! The fact that I get to play with products that enhance our lives and interact with amazing people daily and call it a job astounds me.  God is so good!

So that’s just a tiny bit about me, I REALLY want to know more about you (#extrovert), so please don’t hesitate to reach out, even just to say hi! If you are intrigued at all about anything Beth or I have shared, I would love to have you join Beth’s party next week via Facebook or again even just reach out to me and we can start a conversation.  I would love that! I am passionate about people and however I can serve and love! So excited to meet you! -Cassie

Have a beautiful day, friends!

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