Stillbirth & Hope with Monica

Stillbirth & Hope with Monica

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  You’ve probably seen that noted online or even in the news recently.  This month, we set aside time to remember the little ones we or our loved ones have lost.  And on today’s episode of the AWG podcast, we do just that as my sister, Monica, shares her story of the stillbirth of her son and the hope that remains.

Who is Monica?

Here’s what she has to say in her own words:

“Monica is a loving, driven, wildly stubborn, independent woman. She has been married to the only man worthy of the task, the love of her life, Shelby, for nearly 8 years. They have three children; a son watching over them from heaven, and two daughters driving them crazy and lighting up their lives here on earth. She is an audiologist by day, exhausted by night, and blessed always.”

To that, I would like to add that Monica is absolutely hilarious.  Truly, nobody can make me laugh like she can.  She has the quickest wit of just about anyone I know and can quote movie lines like nobody’s business.  Monica is my younger sister by 21 months and the godmother of my oldest child.  Besides my husband and my mother, there’s not another soul alive who knows me better than she does.

Additionally, Monica owns and operates her own business as an educational audiologist in the Indianapolis area.

Stillbirth & Hope

In July of 2014, Monica and her husband lost their son, their oldest child, to stillbirth.  In today’s episode, Monica bravely, beautifully, and with exceeding hope shares the story of her son and the impact he has had on their lives.  She shares with us how best we can help those we love when they are in a time of grief, as well.

Friends, I know that there are those of you for whom this subject matter just hits a little too close to home.  That is totally understandable!  And, if that is the case for you, please know that we hold you and your family in our prayers.  This is a delicate subject and hearing Monica’s story may not be right for you just now.  So, again, let this serve as a disclaimer that today’s episode might not be right for everyone.

If you would like to listen to what Monica has to say about how we can help those who are grieving or what she and her husband have been doing to keep their son’s spirit alive and the good works they’ve been inspired to do in his name, then perhaps skip ahead to the 21-minute mark.  That should be a safe place to start.

However pregnancy/infant loss has affected your life, I’m sure Monica’s story and hopeful spirit will be an inspiration to you.

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