Flipping the Script on Mental Health & Therapy with Tara

Flipping the Script on Mental Health & Therapy with Tara

Buckle in, friends. In today’s episode, we go there. Mental health, therapy, relationships, PPD and PPA…all the things! In today’s conversation with therapist and social worker Tara Nicolson, we are flipping the script on women’s mental health and therapy.

Topics Covered Today Include:

  • how the pandemic has effected women’s mental health
  • what mental health issues are most prevalent in women today
  • who can benefit from therapy
  • how to know if therapy is the right next step for you or someone you love
  • Beth describes her own struggles with post-partum depression and anxiety

Who is Tara Nicolson?

Tara is a wife, mom, and psychotherapist from New Jersey who has a goal of helping women in particular.  She is also the founder of the ministry Visitation Motherhood.  Visitation Motherhood is meant to bridge motherhood, faith and mental health with the hopes of opening up dialogue about the intersection of those topics.

Quick Links from the Episode:

Follow Tara on Instagram @thecatholicmotherhoodtherapist
Visit Tara’s website
Suicide Prevention Hotline — (800)273-8255

The NEW A Welcome Grace Mailbag is OPEN!

  • In today’s Mailbag segment, we hear from former guest, Jean Heaton, who comes seeking an opinion on the fine line between “an alcohol problem” and “a problem with alcohol.”

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