Trendsend Review #3 – Two Hits & Six Misses

Trendsend Review #3 – Two Hits & Six Misses

This was quite the month for the old Trendsend box.  Between vacation, a husband who’s working some crazy hours lately, and back to school… Well, maybe it wasn’t the best time to get a box.  But, to paraphrase some old dude in Washington, nevertheless, I persisted.  I mean, sometimes ya gotta make sacrifices for fashion, friends.

It all started the day before we left for vacation when I got a notification that my box was being styled.  Now, their rule is that you have 5 days to try everything on, check out online, and then get your returns back in the mail to them.  Being that we were going to be gone for a week, that just wasn’t going to work!  So, I called them and talked to a very nice woman who said it was no problem to just pause the order.  I told her what day we’d be back in town.  And wouldn’t you know it?  The very next day, there was a lovely white box on my front porch.

That was all well and good of course, but lo and behold, we were in the last week before school starts.  In other words, our normally chaotic existence had been thrown into full throttle insanity.  Not to mention that Greg, my dear husband and able-bodied photographer, was facing his own craziness at work!  We simply didn’t have time to make a photo shoot happen.

All this to say, consider yourself warned, dear reader.  The photos in this post were done rather haphazardly…by me…in my bedroom…with my camera propped on top of a yoga block on a box on my bed…with the self-timer feature.  You know, maybe I should’ve titled this post The Hot Mess Express.  Would that have been more accurate, you think?

Anyway, let’s cut past the excuses.  Here are the outfits.  Hits first, then misses.

Can you see me?  I’m wearing camo!

Top: Z Supply Camo Weekender Tunic || Leggings: Spanx Seamless Leggings

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a camo person.  Being that I am not particularly outdoorsy, it’s just not something I gravitate to.  But, to be honest, that’s one of the reasons I love getting this Trendsend every three months.  It pulls me out of my comfort zone and makes me try things I might otherwise have completely overlooked!

This sweatshirt was amazing.  Not too heavy, it’ll be great for winter here in Florida.  It’s nice and roomy, has a long enough back to wear with leggings, and the slit up the sides is just unexpected enough that it adds a neat flair.  Just as a side note, in case you’re looking at it for yourself, the stylist said that it runs large, so order one size down and it’ll be great.  It was the first thing from my box that I purchased.

Now.  These leggings.  I was a little scared, to be honest, when I saw that they were made by Spanx.  However, they were actually quite comfortable and didn’t feel like they were cutting off my oxygen or circulation!  The downside was the price.  I just couldn’t justify spending $68 dollars on a pair of leggings just for the heck of it.  I liked them enough, though, that I will keep them in mind when it’s time to ask for Christmas presents!

More green?  It’s a wrap!

Top:  Allison joy Remi Wrap Top || Jeans:  Old Navy Rockstar Skinny Jeans

Oh, beautiful green blouse, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  This top ticked all the boxes for me and I knew it would as soon as I had pulled it out of the box.  I love a v-neck.  I love a 3/4-length sleeve.  And I adore things that define my waist but aren’t overly clingy.  The only thing I wasn’t sure of was the color, but man!  That army green seems to really work!  (At least, I think so.  If you don’t, just break it to me gently, OK?)

Two other awesome things about it were the little snap that is located at the point of the v.  It keeps the shirt modest and helps avoid any, ummm, wardrobe malfunctions, if ya know what I mean.  Also, it was on sale for $29.99!  Score!!  This was the second thing I purchased.

And a quick note about these jeans.  I love these Old Navy jeans (that are on sale for $27 right now, FYI).  They are very comfortable and fit this curvy gal really well.  Highly recommend.

Now for the misses.

Pompoms, Stars, Scary Scoop-necks, and Very Confused Pants

Oy.  OK.  Here goes.  You’re probably not going to agree with me on some of these things, but I’m alright with that.

First, we have the Endless Love Pom-Pom Top by Raga.  I will 100% admit that I like the look of this top way more on my body than I did when I first got it out of the box.  And I’d even say that it actually looks really good.  But!  And that’s a big but (hardy har har).  That off-the-shoulder shiz is for the birds.  It was the most annoying thing!  I had it on for about 5 minutes and had to constantly keep pulling it down where it belonged.  So, while it was pretty, I’m just not into spending $68 to be annoyed by my clothing.

Then there’s the Catherine Ankle jean from Kut by the kloth.  These would be great for someone whose legs are about 2 inches shorter than mine.  These were less ankle jean and more awkward capri length.  Also, they were a bit too small.  Basically, they would be great for someone else, just not for me.

Onto outfit #2.  Sheesh.  This was all kinds of awful.  That overly large, slightly see-through white t-shirt covered in silver, gray, and black stars…cost over $60!!  No.  Just no.  Sorry, Glitter Stars Tee by Chaser.  You will not find a home with me.  Nor will your crazy confused friend, the Sarah Raw Hem pant by Articles of Society.  I mean, really.  Are you jeans?  Or are you the Adidas track pants everybody wore back in the day?  Then I go to the website and the model is wearing heels with them?  Now I’m even more confused!

Lastly, we have that decent looking Brea Long Sleeve Tee by Peyton Jensen.  There were two problems with this top.  First, that scoopneck is only decent because I’m not bending over.  Let’s just say it was rather loosey-goosey, know what I mean?  Second, it looked and felt like a maternity top.  And while I’m not in the habit of spending $60+ on a t-shirt, I also don’t feel like spending only $15 on something that makes me feel frumpy.

Moral of the Story

You know, the more I use the service, the better they get at figuring out my style.  I mean, beside those weird black pants, everything they sent me was at least the right look, even if the sizing was off.  My only complaint is that I asked for more summer-type clothing and wasn’t really sent much that fit the bill.

So, friends, I guess the moral of this story is that sometimes you just have to make things work.  Maybe circumstances aren’t ideal and maybe there are more misses than there are hits.  But if you don’t at least take a chance with what you shop for every now and then, you’ll end up letting the real winners totally pass you by.

Oh!  And I promise the pictures will be better next time.  Thanks for overlooking and understanding!

Happy shopping!

Want to know more about why I use Trendsend and how it works?  Go take a look at my first review post!  You can also find my second box review here.

*Note: None of the links to clothing items are affiliate links.  Any direct link to Trendsend is a referral link meaning that if you sign up and purchase anything from a box that you receive, I’ll get 20% off my next order. 

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