A Tale of Two Clothing Companies

A Tale of Two Clothing Companies

Who’s up for a completely non-Covid post?  Yes?  Yes! Let’s talk clothes, instead!  Please note, this post will contain a couple referral links.  If you sign up for anything, thanks!! (Details below.)  Now, let’s get down to business.

Today, friends, instead of pandemic-related nonsense, we’re talking clothing-related nonsense!  Not only that, but we’re talking clothing subscription services.  I mean, honestly.  Who doesn’t like clothes and getting mail?

In the past, I’ve written about my experience with Trendsend by Evereve.  You can see all of the posts I wrote about them by clicking here.  Today, though, I want to share with you a little about two different services I’ve tried in the past couple of months.  One of which I know you have heard of and the other may be new to you.  I’m going to pit them one against the other and then tell you which one, for my money, comes out the clear winner.  You may even be surprised!

Stitch Fix

I can just about guarantee that you’ve heard of Stitch Fix.  They have a major social media presence and their commercials stream constantly on Hulu.  Founded in 2011, the company uses consumer input and algorithms to put together boxes of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.  You can subscribe to receive a box every 1, 2, or 3 months or on an on-demand basis.  There is a styling fee of $20 that is credited back to you if you purchase anything they send you.  Also, if you decide to keep everything in your box, you get a 20-25% discount.  Sounds great, right?

In the past year, I think I’ve gotten four boxes from Stitch Fix.  In that time, the only pieces I’ve kept have been a cardigan, a pair of earrings, and one top.  I wear the earrings all.the.time. and absolutely love them.  The cardigan?  Well, it’s summer here and we’re all dying of heat stroke, but it’s super soft and cute and I know I’ll get more use out of it this coming winter.  And the top?  It’s adorable and I can wear it for a date night or to church.

Out of the last two boxes they’ve sent me, though, I haven’t kept a thing.  It’s been a bit of a bummer because, while they’ve sent some cute things (see that white top in the picture above?), they’ve also really missed the mark.  Their stylist has sent me fabrics that I’ve noted I don’t like, sizes that are way off, and pieces that just don’t flatter.  See that side view in the bottom right picture?  Nobody wants to wear a skirt that makes you belly look like that!

Stitch Fix Pros:

  • Customer service is great!  When I didn’t keep anything out of this latest order, they offered to send me another one for no charge.
  • Shipping and returns are free.
  • Website is super easy to navigate.

Stitch Fix Cons:

  • The items seem way overpriced for the quality.  For example, I was tempted to keep that white top, but it cost $68.  Too rich for my blood, I say!
  • The clothing seems to be slightly behind trend.
  • As a 43 year-old woman, I already find it difficult to “dress my age” (i.e. not too young and not too matronly).  The items I’ve been sent tend to fall heavily into the “matronly” category.
  • They tend to send fancier pieces than I’d wear in my regular, day-to-day life.


Wantable is a new one for me.  I first heard of it a year or so ago from a friend when I complimented her athletic wear.  She always wore the cutest leggings and tanks and credited her Wantable boxes for the cute finds.  Well, naturally, I had to check it out!

Now, I am not someone who likes to spend a lot of money on stuff I’m just going to sweat and get grody in.  But!  Wantable has choices!  You can choose between ordering a box of activewear OR you can choose a style box.  I went with the style box.

Like Stitch Fix, there is a $20 styling fee that gets credited back to you with any purchase you make.  Also like Stitch Fix, shipping and returns are free.  However, whereas SF gives you three days to try on your items and get your returns back in the mail, Wantable gives you five days.  With both companies, I was able to just put the large envelope in my mailbox and didn’t need to make any special trip to the UPStore or the Post Office.

Admittedly, I have only ordered one box from Wantable, but I have to say I was impressed.  Every single piece they sent me was on point, style-wise.  A couple items fit awkwardly, but that’s to be expected.  I was very happy with the quality of clothing and actually kept three of the seven pieces they sent!

Wantable Pros:

  • On trend styles, for sure!
  • Great quality.  You’re not going to find a t-shirt that feels like that one at Target or Kohl’s.
  • You can check out their “Stream” ahead of your box shipping and handpick some items for them to send to you.
  • There is a very detailed style inventory to complete before they style and send your box and it can be updated at any time.
  • With both active and style choices, their clothes are super relaxed and casual enough for this SAHM.

Wantable Cons:

  • Certainly, Wantable’s prices are on the higher end.  At least, for my budget they are.  But I also know I’m a bit of a bargain hunter.
  • Their referral program isn’t as generous or as user-friendly as Stitch Fix’s or Trendsend’s.

And the Winner Is…

For my money and my style, Wantable is the clear winner…for the moment.  I’m excited to see what comes in my next box and will for sure keep you updated on how it goes.

Oh!  And I almost forgot to mention…both Wantable and Stitch Fix offer plus size options, if you are looking for that size range.

Wanna play along?

Frankly, I think the whole subscription box clothing concept is just a whole lot of fun.  I don’t get upset at all if I have to mail most or all of what they send me right back to them.  In my opinion, it’s like a game.  Can they send me what I like?  Points for them!  Will it fit?  Points for me!  Can I try it on in the comfort of my own home and on my timeline?  Points for me!

Anyway, for your convenience and ultimate home-shopping, package-receiving enjoyment, here are my referral links to the three subscription services I’ve tried.  Choose one, choose them all, choose not a one.  It’s up to you!  But however you choose to do your clothing shopping in this crazy, crazy time, I hope you find what works for your wallet and for your body.

Click here to order a Trendsend box!  If you order from that link, I’ll receive 20% off a future purchase.

Click here to order a Stitch Fix box!  If you order from this link, we’ll both get a $25 credit.

Click here to order a Wantable box!  If you order from this link, I’ll receive a $25 credit.

Now, there’s one more service that I haven’t tried, but would be open to ordering.  If anyone has a Trunk Club referral, drop that in the comments and I’ll give it a shot!  First come, first served, though.  Or, hey!  If there’s another one you think I should give a go, let me know that, too!

Happy shopping, friends!

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