Body Image & Spirit Connection with Shannon

Body Image & Spirit Connection with Shannon

Have you ever felt there’s a disconnect between the way you see yourself in your mind’s eye and what shows up in the mirror?  Does it seem that how you feel on the inside doesn’t match  up with how you look on the outside?  Is body image a struggle?  Or is combining your spiritual life with your physicality something that interests you?  Well, on today’s episode, I talk with author Shannon K. Evans about that connection of body and spirit and how it effects our lives as women.

Who is Shannon?

Shannon Evans is an author, contemplative writer, and guided meditation facilitator, most recently with a specific interest in women’s issues. Shannon writes the Everyday Ignatian column for  She lives in central Iowa with her husband Eric and their band of silly children.

Shannon truly has a heart for women and feminine spirituality, too.  Truly, her love for the intersection of our minds and bodies and spirits is so evident in our conversation.  She told me that she has hope that you all might come away from the episode with a new perspective on your relationship with your bodies.  Additionally, with the idea that your bodies are not separate from your spiritual lives, but rather intertwined in a profoundly meaningful way.

Body Image & Spirit Connection

Today on the podcast, we’re talking about just this.  I’ve written several pieces on my blog about body imageexercise, and weight.  It’s not news that this is something I struggle with.  But one thing I’m trying very hard to keep in mind as I age is this…

I want to view my body not as I see it in the mirror or in pictures.  Not how I envision it to be in my head.  But how the people who love me most and the God who created me see it…through a lens of ultimate acceptance and love.

You know, maybe we should consider the words of St. Catherine of Siena…

What is it you want to change? Your hair, your face, your body? Why? For God is in love with all those things and he might weep when they are gone.

You guys…God is in love with all of what makes us us!  He knows and loves every gray hair and crow’s foot, every stretch mark and laugh line, every dimple of cellulite and every muscle we’ve worked so hard to tone.  Our children love our squishy bellies that are so nice to lay their heads on and our husbands love our curves.

So, friend, how about we all decide to cut ourselves some slack?  Let’s make peace with both the younger version of ourselves that lives in our mind’s eye and the beautiful person we see in the mirror or photograph.

I hope you really love my conversation with Shannon Evans today as we explore this topic and so much else.  She is such a beautiful soul, inside and out.

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